IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Where are you from?

EBONY ONASSIS: I’m what you’ll call a Jersey girl. I’m from the same state as Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill- New Jersey. I currently live in a small city know as Elizabeth where I was born and raised. I lived throughout other cities in NJ, but Elizabeth aka “EastWick” is  home!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your musical background?

EBONY ONASSIS: My musical background consist of R&B & Pop music. There is an extreme ruggedness to my music. I have the ability to make any song my own. R&B is my “bread and butter” but Eb can do it all. From country, pop, rock, hip-hop, to neo soul.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about? 

EBONY ONASSIS: Truthfully all my song are based on self experienced states that I’ve been  through in my life. I can write about the devastation that I’ve over came to my turnt up nights on the town.  As people I do feel we all go through some of the same things at one point or another, just involving different people. I like to make my songs relatable.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are my favorite song to perform and why? 

EBONY ONASSIS: I have two favorite songs that I just love to perform. I love to perform these two songs because they have the crowd going “ahhhhh” and turning up. My first song choice is a self-written single entitled “Pillow Talk!” This song is so girl power. My slick talk and turnt up attitude gets the people going. Every time the beat plays, my people get excited cause they know it’s about to be a movie. In others words “a night to remember.” I’m able to let my hair down and just get all into it. Whether it’s standing on tables, running through the crowds, or popping confetti launchers the turn up gets real! My second song choice will be yet another self-written piece entitled “Why We Can’t Fly?” This song takes me back to the essence of singing. This is a more uplifting piece. I can just close my eyes and deliver. I honestly feel this song is what you’d call a timeless record. No matter the day and age this song is always relevant. It inspires people of all race to unite and support one another. My cadence and delivery draws a picture in the ear of the listener. “Why We Can’t Fly” is a song that can be heard at various occasions such as  graduations, church services, even a funeral repast. I had the honor to sing this song on New Year’s Eve to my church family at New Zion Liberty Baptist Church. The energy in the room moved my spirits, and I ended this piece in tears and in prayer!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music? 

EBONY ONASSIS: My greatest surprise is the people’s reaction. I let people hear song the songs I’ve created on my own. Songs that I’ve written, concepts that I’ve came up with. Honestly I’m always nervous because you don’t know if everyone or anyone will understand and enjoy your vision. When people take the time out to learn the words or leave encouraging feedback it surprises me everytime.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences? 

EBONY ONASSIS: My musical influence would have to be Whitney Houston. She gives me hope in knowing that she is from the streets as myself and was loved world wide. She followed her dreams and gift of song that changed the lives of many hopefuls like myself. It’s so unfortunate that she left us so soon, but I do feel she served her purpose here on earth. Honestly I want to leave knowing I shared my gift with the world and served my purpose, which is singing! That angelic voice of hers is chill wrenching.  From the moment she opened her mouth, she grasp an undivided attention. I do feel that I am blessed with the same gift. I have the gift to make people want to listen.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people? 

EBONY ONASSIS: My music is what I call excitedly unpredictable. I say that because I try to be as diverse as possible when writing songs. You truly can’t predict what I’ll come up with, but you’ll be excited to hear the final product.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artist? 

EBONY ONASSIS: My delivery and cadence will separate me in all. The fact that I can really sing, I’m goofy, “tomboyish” at times, and not shy. I’m able to bring that in my music. I feel I can choice which route I want to go. I can dance, act, do voice overs, am extremely attractive, and not to mention I’m naturally funny. I’m not the “knock knock funny” or the stand up funny. It’s a natural thing, and the people just love Eb!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see change in today music industry? 

EBONY ONASSIS: I would like to hear real music, music with a purpose. Of course everybody always wants to turn up, so the party music is always popping. What about the people who’s at the end of their rope? Those people who don’t feel like partying, or even smiling because the hearts are torn and the feelings are hurt. Where is the inspirational music for those people? The music to let them know you’re not alone. You can over come this. Keep your faith alive. We need more messages and less dance moves. Understand me when I tell you I’m no church mouse. I party, have tattoos, and piercings. I’m very comfortable in the skin that I’m in. I’ve been through some things that I can sing to, over an ill hop-hop beat, and still have the people going hard and dancing to.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects your are working on? 

EBONY ONASSIS: Currently I’m collecting my thoughts and turning them into songs. I’m spending a lot of time in the studio, recording finished material that I have thus far. I’m building my craft. I’m performing at local shows and making appearance on live stream radio stations. I’m just placing myself in situations to be exposed.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

EBONY ONASSIS: I honestly just want to make it. I want to be able to say I did everything needed to live my desired lifestyle. My career goals are to be a household name. I want to be able to take care of people who took care of me. Feed who I starved with and fly with whom I walked with. I want to inspire young girls and women. I also want to be the lady that the fellas are in love with. My career goals are to touch stages of places I never knew existed. I want to give back to my community by building an organization to help the less fortunate. 10 years from today, I want to be on your TV screen. I want to be living comfortably with a career that is on the rise. A career that doesn’t keep me in the box. I’m not looking to just being a singer, simply because I’m more than that. I want to appear in movies, talk shows, commercials, cartoon voice-overs, reality TV, and so much more. 10 years from now I want to an entrepreneur. Thus far I’ve been living someone else’s dream. Everyday I punched that clock, I making someone else dream a reality. Truthfully I’m over it!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you? 

EBONY ONASSIS: Most of my fans reach me on my Facebook page. I do have CDs pressed up that my fans are familiar with. I do have music on sites such as ReverbNation, Soundcloud, and YouTube. My manager’s booking information is listed on my Facebook FanPage, where my fans will contact him, to book me for an event!










  1. Amazing Voice , Raw Talent and Karisma that’s out of this world. My fav song Is Pillow talks its so edgy and fun I love it.

  2. You are absolutely amazing. It’s rare that you find someone as beautiful and gifted as yourself so down to earth. Your music speaks volume and with your gift I believe you can be legendary. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing more of your music

    • When I listen to your music all I can say is wow. You are such a great talent and I hope you continue to strive towards excellence. I am extremely proud of you. I’m happy we have someone REAL to represent for jersey

  3. She Have An Amazing Touching Loving Voice That Makes Everything & Everybody Stops To Listen ! Keep up the good work – Tina ?

  4. Inspirational. I don’t this lady personally but I follow her and daughter loves her. Your time is approaching very soon. I can feel! BLESSING

  5. Eb every since we were children, your voice left chills running down my spine every time I heard you sing !!! Your voice is so different, amazing and UNIQUE !!!!! I know one day I will see you on the big screens baby ? I love you !!!!!!

  6. You have a very soulful voice and as a woman in my early 40’s I usually don’t give this new school music any time of day but you definitely have a sound worth listening to

  7. Keep doing your ting baby girl. God has a plan for you and as long as you continue to believe in him he will make everyone else believe in you. Your gift will not go unnoticed

  8. I just learn of you Black Friday, when you performed at the Marriott Hotel. All I can say is my God, I ran up to you after your performance and and just hugged you! You gave me the sweetest hug in return. -thank for that lol Your voice is so peaceful and powerful at the same time! You’re future is in my prayers.

  9. Ebonnnnyyyyyy your are Golden. You inspire me and I’m twice your age, Give it Jesus Christ & watch your life unfold beautiful. Amen Sister Jones

  10. To see this lady go from being a shy song bird in highschool, I remember us huddling around her in the bathroom just to hear her sing too now see her singing her heart out with confidence out this world is amazing!!! She is a true inspiration and will knock down any and everything to reach her dreams, only up from here baby girl. #JerseyGirlsRock

  11. Ebony I am extremely proud of you, I’ve watched your career since you was 10yrs old and to see your growth, And development of your voice come full surface to the artist that I always believed that you’d one day become is crazy.. God has definitely blessed you & Favored you and your what the industry has been missing for some yrs now, Bringing back the soul to the music I am extremely proud of you champ! Love Uncle Roger

  12. Not to be a “hater” but I never heard yhu sing in real life. So whose to say she can really sing? Good luck doe lmao

  13. I’m proud of my smooches I luv when she sings it just brighten up people day when she make it big you guys we’ll see the impact her voice have on people
    Luv u smooches

  14. She is so talented and beautiful I can’t wait to see what’s in the future for her. I know there’s only great things to come

  15. The best part about Ms. Ebony herself is that she has stood true to herself along her journey. She is a true inspiration and she inspires little girls and boys to follow their dreams she’s so humble & beautiful and I LOVE it ?

  16. Ebony inspires alot of young womem shes really doing her thing and im proud of her…. She has a beautiful voice and know how to bring out the crowd keep up the good work hard work definitely pays off

  17. This lady right is a gorgeous bright talented young lady she always followed her dream she believes in her and all her fans she puts her mind to her lyrics everything she writes and sings is very deep words her singing is beyond perfect her voice is everything I love her and her voice so much love you ???☝✨congratulations I hope u can move on to the next level I hope you can make your dream come true

  18. Do your thing sis so proud of you and you have all my support your voice is amazing can’t wait to see your name in big lights you deserve it good luck on your journey to success love ya!!!! ??

  19. This young lady has an amazing voice she sings with pain joy and the thunder of a girl that know what’s struggle about also can mimick some of the best and artist and best songs that’s out rite now extraordinary talent new Jersey let’s all see that she get her chance to let the world witness her talent

  20. Ive known Ebony forever and she has always had the ability to touch people through her music. Her songs have meaning and I love to hear that beautiful voice of hers.

  21. This young lady has an amazing voice she sings with pain joy and the thunder of a girl that know what’s struggle about also can mimick some of the best artist and some of the best songs out now with her own creative twist to it and make it sound amazing extraordinary talent NEWJERSEY LETS SEE TO IT THAT HER TALENT DONT GO UNOTICED IT MUST BE MUST BE VIEWED BY THE WORLD…

  22. I remember my younger sister listening to her and I asked who was that and she said its Ebony. I’ve listened to her ever since then and I can’t wait to see what comes next

  23. Truly a class act. I have watched this young lady go from singing in my wedding to wowing grown & sexy engagements, I’m actually surprised that it’s taken her this long to get the recognition that her talent deserves. I am both proud & enthusiastic about her future. Bravo young lady, you rock!

  24. Dam baby girl knew your beautiful self since middle school can’t believe how far you come you are a wonder loving person love your voice your songs your truly amazing and I wish you nothing but the best may all your wishes come true I no you going to make it where you want to be you never gave up keep it up love BTW I would like one of your CDs
    Love nina

  25. Since I was 6 Ebony has always been my idol and that is something I’ll never forget she has taught me to go after what I believe in and 10 years later I still use what she has shown me! I have even gotten some fashion tips from her I absolutely adore her

  26. Awww congratulations Rae Rae I hope everything works in your favor God has you so don’t worried your beautiful inside and out love you kid

  27. Her voice is truly God’s gift ? She’s not only a great singer but has a beautiful soul ? May God bless you EB! DO IT BIG FOR JERSEYYYY

  28. Miss Ebony … I am just so proud of you … I started following you a while back … I read an article about a show you was in…. Now that I met you in person all I have to say is I’m honored …. I can’t wait to be at your first concert … Continue to push and let no one distract you …. Keep up the amazing work!! The stage is all yours … Like the sky is the limit!!!

  29. Ebony is deff what is needed in the industry right now… She has pure amazing talent and is such a beautiful person inside and out … Love you boo and I’m so proud of u ????

  30. I’ve been following you and your journey for some time now. To see that even though you felt like giving up, you pushed through and continued to fight for your dream is not only inspirational, but in itself a message to the youth. No matter what obstacle you may face or what mountain you have to climb, the reward will always be beneficial. I’m praying over your success, Eb! I hope to be able to come to your shows, but until then I will proudly watch the footage posted and “like and share” it all. Continued blessings to you and your family! #TeamEbOnassis #TeamJersey #TeamEastWick

  31. Young Berry Gordy
    Ebony Onassis is the future of rnb culture and the world is about to witness what everyone from Elizabeth Nj already knew since day 1..That Ebony Onassis is the TRUTH!!

  32. Ebony already knows that she has God given gift and truly blessed us in church. I have already told her how proud I am of her and wish her continued success. Go girl!

  33. She sung at my girlfriends wedding a few years and I have admit that was the highlight of night! Keep pushin we all believe in you. congrats ebby

  34. I love Ebony because I feel as though we relate. She doesn’t pretend to be someone else she is just herself, but she is also so unique and beautiful

  35. My 10 year daughter listens to why we can’t fly all the time and it promotes such a good message I love it ? I actually listen to it to now

  36. I remember going to one of her shows and she has this amazing energy. The crowd was so into it and it was just a blast she definitely has star quality !!

  37. Omg she is so good I bragg about her all time. I’m always making my friends listen to her lol but I am such a fan I can’t wait to meet her ??????

  38. To see this young lady performance is so amazing to see the blessing that god have giving her i was always a big fan of hers every since she was little and going under the name the Pink Panther when i hear her voice is just send chills through me Love her to death and that voice is truly amazing

  39. I love that you are a songwriter, you have a beautiful voice, your performance and delivery of your music is unique and you know how to get the crowd turnt up. Everything about Ebony is different and new and this is what the music industry is about and needs. Young people need a soulful young artist who they can relate to and role model as well. I always said you are a SHINING STAR.

  40. Yes EB u knw me and ya’niece is a big fan she a be sleep and here ur voice and jump up saying that’s ebony and our all time favorite is why we can’t fly that song give me chills you go EB keep up the good work baby love you

  41. Your voice is amazing eb
    Keep God in your prayers and he will send your blessings honey continue with only positive energy and stay humble, patience is key love you babe #teamonassis
    P.S Vicki

  42. definitely an artist to look out for, you can hear her passion through her voice, her music is something you can feel I hope this young lady reaches her goals im rooting for her

  43. She is encouraging and don’t shit from nobody! She’s been my shield from day won! With a gift so golden your bound to win! In the eyes jersey your are out STAR! Keep going Eb and even in your discouraging moments understand we have your back

  44. Talk about inspiration when ever I’m going through something I listen to you sing in it makes a world of difference I have watch you grow in to something amazing no doubt in my mind you’ll make it big!!!!!!


  46. May God continue to bless you your voice is amazing proud to have you represent “East Wick”to the fullest knock them out baby you def got what it takes✔️?

  47. A voice that you can’t forget! Get chills everytime keep up the good work Cuz! Nothing but blessing coming your way

  48. I want to write something but I don’t want to be cliché fake. Lol
    All I know is that I love EBONY!
    Definitely is someone that works hard and strive for pefection in all of her songs and performances.

    Her shows be lit AF! Lol ???
    #teamonassis! ?

  49. I love your voice but the day you post that short hair cut, I went ring shopping! ???
    Sexy ass Eb. I’m gone wait & play my role but I know we gone one be together and you can sing at our wedding lol ??

  50. Your vocal ability it so powerful and unique. Soft and delicate at the same time! I love everything about your sound keep striving and never give up! ❤️

  51. This is Stephanie a WeDaFam supporter & I just wanna say that Ebony Onassis ROCKS keep doing your thing momma I’m a fan all the way from California..

  52. I’ve known Ebony for quite some years now and for as long as I’ve listened to her sing, that girl can Blow! Ebony overall is such a talented and kind young woman with such big dreams with the potential to reach the stars. As I grew older with Ebony I’ve seen her progression grow and it’s always has been uphill. If you can’t recognize the talent Eb has to offer than you definitely are deaf. Keep on keeping on Eb and reach for the stars.

  53. You send chills through my body. Always ?. Ms Onassis at a funeral I attend and wave that shifted in that church was breath taken. Keep going momma ???? there’s an angel within you!

  54. Me & this young lady go way back. I’m talking grade school. She’s a beautiful person inside & out. I try to support her gift as much as I can. She has the voice of an Angel sent from heaven. One day she’s gonna be a star!! ? Love her life. ? _wesstie

  55. Personality charisma and that IT factor.. In a crowded room she stands out! That’s hard to conquer but she does it with ease

  56. Ebony is definitely a star in the making………love her voice…..such a beautiful young lady inside and out……..congrats sweetie keep striving for what you want…..#dreamsdocometrue Sincerely Jenise

  57. My daughter want to be just like her, 15
    And my son is madly in love with her 17
    She is winning straight across the board.
    EBONY = STAR in the making

  58. Nicky Baker

    You have such an amazing angelic voice lil cousin. Keep reaching for them stars they are in you clear eye view.???

  59. I would like to say from the moment I got to hear your beautiful voice and you song at my friend wedding. That song never left my mind because you blew it out the water. So I would like to wish you nothing more, but the best and to ask you also to keep God first and everything else will fall right in order as your journey continue.. I’m proud of you.

  60. I wish you the best Ebony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY GOD CONTINUE ON BLESSING YOU BEAUTIFUL!! Go on with your bad self! lol i know she’s gonna take it alllll the way to the top!!! im proud of you Ebony! <3

    – Charmaine S.

  61. Ebony EBONY. .. keep shying. . Music has a peace for most .. and when i hear you sing I’m at peace if only for a moment. . Thank you for sharing you gift…. may GOD KEEP RIGHT ON BLESSINGS YOU. …

  62. I love to see a young black women tryna live out her dreams..Ebony I wish u nothing but the best..ur voice is amazing and u deserve everything you are striving for..I wish u much success in everything u do. Looking forward to hearing more music from u..GOOD LUCK HUNN

  63. I saw this article and I saved it, I just took the time to actually read it, Ebony you are amazing! Your answers for your intelligence GO GO GO.

  64. You go Ebony!

    I still remember and thank you for the time you did my sew-in at Sumayyah’s house.

    It was tight as hell. ?Lol but it lasted me a while.

    Keeping doing your thing.
    You know I’ll always support you in any way that I can.

  65. Jamil

    Me and EBZ go way back. From the 1st day I saw her and heard that voice I knew she was gone be a star, she is so unique. I still think she is heaven sent. No matter what she’ll always have a friend and fan in me 02/01/08

  66. Ebony is someone who looks like “she don’t play”
    She is truly the sweetest funniest person I know, really don’t play! Lol she has a voice of gold and I hope she makes it

  67. That girl she can demand ATTENTION! From the moment she step out her appearance have you wanting more. gorgeous young lady with powerful voice. ????? you are going places my dear

  68. Eb remember when sung in Minute Men Pizzia. & they guy gave us free pizza lol
    You always had the hook up. That voice will take you further than you mind can imagine. Never give up

  69. amazing voice, beautiful young lady, one of a kind personality Ms. Onassis you have star written all over you. cant wait to see your all of dreams come true

  70. Theresa: Ebony I don’t know you personally but through your music I have connected with you, And because of your song (why we can’t fly) You saved my son life & You don’t even know it! You are truly a gift from god and I wish you much success.. Keep touching the world with your music.

  71. This girl makes the perfect friend, she’ll go to the battlegrounds for whom she love. I love Ebk, you are something special.

  72. It’s very rare that I cry from watching footage! Goosebumps, yes but TEARS? very very rare. I watched her cover song video and hear all the hurt,love, & emotion! Please lord bless her to STRIVE ☺️???

  73. Her smile is breath taken, and her vocal ability is chill throbbing. Bless to say I know her personally. I’m not tripping cause I know she gone make ?

  74. My greatest memory of her singing was at our HighSchool Graduation. If you’re from the WICK you’ll under how huge the school system is. She walked up there and BIG POWERFUL VOICE sung “the National Anthem.” The mic gave some feedback but her vocals over shined it! I remember graduates throwing their caps in excited! It had to have been 100s of 1000s of people there. SHE DELIVERED!

  75. Being a fan, supporter consecutively for the past 4 or more years, Ebony Onassis displays and offers Nothing less than giving her fans and supporters reasons to believe in her dream! Ebony Onassis has a humble spirit, enduring talents and a voice that speaks volumes!
    Shatarra B!

  76. Omg this Article is so juicy! ?
    I can hear and see your response while reading your answers lol! Go ebby I’m so proud i could scream ? good job girl.

  77. How it’s possible to be so pretty, humble, FUNNY,and have such an angelic voice! You are truly blessed my girl (your voice)

  78. Eb there are so many things I want to tell you, but I’m afraid I don’t know how. I’m so happy for you and love you until my dying day. Not going to leave my name, but just know I wish well, and if I had one wish it’ll be to have you!

  79. You have changed my life from the moment we met. When you’re singing in a room full a people it feels like it’s just me and you. You connect with your audience and that’s a very good quality. I love you with all my heart and I pray that all of your dreams come true. I’m riding with I thru thick and thin. Always and forever ????

  80. I was blessed with hearing your voice my senior year in highschool and I swear since then your voice has only become stronger and better. you have your own original style to Music and that’s why I love it. one day your voice will not just reach a small group but millions of thousandths. I stay in the background but I’m always supporting. the world deserves to hear you.! #beautybrainsandtalent ???

  81. I don’t know you personally but I would be my honor take you out on a candle lit dinner, located on a closed off roof top and just talk. So different I wish u was mine ?

  82. I really enjoy your sound. I listen to some tunes on SoundCloud, that “impossible” song is unbelievable. keep shinning your have beautiful gift

  83. I saw pictures of you and you are very beautiful but swear I never expected to hear you sing the way you do, let’s just say you’ve gained a new fan ??

  84. Hey there Ebony I was wonder if you’ll sing at my moms wedding? We’re friends on Facebook so I’ll send you the information and pricing

  85. Never forget who are you, there a lot of demonic spirits and creatures in the line of business you’re striving for. Praise him every time you get a chance

  86. Remember you tried to give me vocal lessons knowing damn well I sounded like a hurt goat ? you are a true friend Eb I appreciate you. Really hope you make it

  87. Oh my sweet Jesus, THANK YOU ALL TREMEDOUSLY for the positive FEEDBACK! You guys are a major help for me reaching my goal of 400 comments! I can’t seem to put words together to express my Graditute! I’m in such disbelief. Supporters I plan to make you all proud! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I humbly appreciate you all, My God continue to bless you all.

  88. Awwwwwwww Eb, you always say thank you! So greatful and that’s why I follow you.. You know you’re the shit but you don’t show it. ??????

  89. I’m trying to be your gym partner, I’ll get that body right & tight (even though you already got body baby) ? check your fb inbox

  90. Every body don’t believe in you like the claim too, me personally I want to see you make Eb. I believe in you and getting closer to that 400 goal ??

  91. Every time you sing you always give it all of you! We can be having a funny conversation, & then someone will ask you to sing. & all the jokes go out the window. True artist

  92. Honestly first time I heard you sing “thinking out loud” I thought it was your creation. The original song doesn’t come with the same passion. Hands down I love your version

  93. Hey Ebony or as I like to call you EBK lol but I just wanted you say that I am proud of you and hope you never stop working towards your dream. I want an autograph the next time I see you ??

  94. “I remember when you and me would say we’ll get up out the hood and everything would be ok” (insider) lol. Well we’re not out the hood yet but I’m positive your gift will take you wherever you want to go. Just don’t forget about me. I’ll be the best hype man ever lol (another insider).

  95. It’s something so special about you. something so loving and warm. You have that rugedness to you but you make me want to share my life with you! I love that you such a strong ability. I wish you well GOD bless you Ebony

  96. Girlllllllllll. Excuse my language, but you ARE THE BADDEST BITCH OK? I literally listened and watch 3 cover videos. All 3 time I felt like I was hearing it for the first time from YOU. Until some one reminds me that it isn’t your piece. You have what it takes KEEP GOING

  97. GM Eb, girl I’m still going crazy. Lol
    Ok people so Eb and I work together but it was always a “hey you doing? See you later” relationship. But today I over heard her humming in the bathroom LORRDDDD like a stalker I wanted for her and told her she sound amazing. She said “I’ll really kill if you leave me a comment, on my article!”
    Fair trade because I was hyped.. She had me tears afterward. Mama you a really blessed. I’m goning to tell the whole warehouse know about the article. BTW your pictures are stunning

  98. E let the haters to their jobs! You are humble never bougie. Your gorgeously confident and you have every reason I’m the world to be

  99. Special thank you to all my coworkers! I’m happy to see you all didn’t just go home and go to sleep like I’m about too lol! Your comments mean the world to me and I couldn’t thank you enough! -Blessings to all. happy holidays if I miss you at work. Thanks again

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