Madstruggle is a unsigned independent Hip Hop group from Orange County California established 2013. The group consists of three members that are passionate about their craft and have proven themselves as MC’S, in times of tribulations they all come together to form A strong Unit. First member is Jerry Valle AKA Article13, Next we have Chris Almendarez AKA ReadyRen, and Last piece of the puzzle is Freddy Gonzalez.

Madstruggle is rapidly emerging in the underground hip hop scene behind there hit singles Handz Up, and Evil Thoughts. Their music reflects what they see in the poverty stricken community they grew up in and is labeled as realism Raps due to the reality they speak in there lyrics.There latest Album is a testament to the group’s ability to team up and collaborate with other up and coming Artist setting the bar high with a 15 track LP Named “Orange Juice”. Inspired by their Orange County roots both groups Madstruggle & The Third Music Group squeezed in their own Orange flavor into this Lp and collaborated on 4 tacks and added 5 tracks of their own showcasing their own style they have developed over the years. Their music can be heard on underground radio stations from Orange County to Los Angeles, Texas, Greece, Chile and worldwide where its taking the hip hop community by storm opening up the flood gates to many great opportunities including features in 3 different magazines.

Madstruggle is proving that Independent artist with the right backing can make an impact in the Industry. All marketing, producing, mastering is developed by their topnotch team of producers to keep their style original and untouched by outside influences like the radio and local trends that others follow.Using their own marketing schemes they have spread music as far as France, Japan, Greece, and Chile. Not only are they marketing on all social platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to Music blogs and music streaming, they are taking to the streets and passing out flyers to their events face to face and shaking people’s hands the old school way.

Madstruggle accomplished many goals they have set starting with two appearances on syndicated Television debuting there first live performance on a Spanish show named Tengo Talento Muncho Talento the Spanish version of Americas got talent. They charmed the judges with their powerful lyrics and were passed to the semifinals .Aside from their Television debut they were blessed yet again by Hollywood this time in the form of A Cameo for their Latest Music Video called “Evil Thoughts” from Actor Robert Lasardo from movies such as Death Race, Blue Streak, CSI,and many other movies.
Motivation to keep moving up in the Industry is not hard to come by all three group members are family oriented and have kids of their own. We are looking to break the vicious cycle of crime and poverty that has overpowered our community. Wiped out the middle class and turned us into a check to check class citizen. We spread our message of hope to our neighbors and friends to let them know they are not alone and we are all going thru this Madstruggle called life.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?
ARTICLE 13: I was born and raised in Santa Ana California.
FREDDY G: I was born and raised in Santa Ana California.
READY REN: I’m from the big bad  city of Angels, Anaheim California

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?
ARTICLE 13: My music background varies from my first talent shows in 5th grade all the way to our first rap performance in 8th grade at our annual dance. At the age of 14 was part of a rap group called (B.A.D) Born Again Disciples at our local church. In the year 2011 we had a chance to make our own beats from a demo version of Fruity Loops. With no way to record our vocals, we made due with a digital recorder that was held up to the computer speaker as I spit my verse yelling over the beat. It was the first time I had heard my voice on the track. It verified that I had the ability to pursue my dreams of making music to better my community, expose the good and bad things I had witnessed growing up in poverty. In 2013 me and my brother Freddy G finally invested in a home studio that was easy to learn and started making some legitimate music out of our living room involving every family member to either sing on our hooks, or give input of the beats we were making if we see them shake their butts we would keep the beat.
FREDDY G: Self-taught, I started making music on Fruity Loops. I learned how to structure a beat just by listening to songs on the radio. I also learned how to use native instrument Machine to make beats, and Presounus Studio one for recording vocals.
READY REN: I’ve always been into heavy metal; my style is very diverse I love funk, hip hop, classical. I’ve been playing guitar and bass since I was 15 yrs old, and writing poems and bars since I can remember.
IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?
ARTICLE 13: My songs are about real life scenarios that have played out during this life of struggle. I write about the mistakes that I have done in life, such as gang bang, selling dope and running with the wrong crowd and how to survive in these streets. I also talk about family issues and giving the youth a little schooling.
FREDDY G: They are about the struggle, joys, and pains in life.
READY REN: Our songs really come from the struggles we’ve been through. The environment one grows up in definitely influences what you write about, how the composition and structure of a verse and melody comes together. My songs convey ifferent emotions and state of minds at the particular moment have a great impact on the outcome of the songs.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?
ARTICLE 13: My favorite song to perform is “Life is Hard’. It has a good message and talks about fatherhood. It talks about not being able to provide them with the luxuries in life, but how none of the material things matter as long as we are all together.
FREDDY G: My favorite song to perform is West Coast Party because it is a feel good song. It is upbeat and about having good time.
READY REN: I love performing “Tags 4ure Toes “I personally did not have influence in the creation of the song but it is one of my favorites. Before I became the 3rd founding member of the group I was a big fan of these 2 brothers that made music. They talked about real life situations, not just spending money at the club, copping cars, and pimping hoes it really had a lot to do with true life. I could relate to their music and when I was invited to jump on a verse I was ecstatic at the opportunity. We then formed Madstruggle and together we’ve been pursuing our dreams.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?
ARTICLE 13: What has really surprises me is the open doors that have been left for us to walk right in we believe that we are guided by God himself. Everything is just falling into place for us as far as performances and interviews.
FREDDY G: What surprises me the most is the great response and love we have received from everyone that listen to our music or watches our performances.
READY REN: How many people are willing to invest time and effort into a product that they believe in? We’ve been blessed to have many people with skills and resources become fans of our music and want to help us make a product better. Our music is from the heart. I believe people can relate to that and dedicate their energy into it as far as DJS (radio and club) graphic artist, clothing line owners, club promoters, all walks of life have hopped on that Madstruggle train.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?
ARTICLE 13: I have many musical influences from 2pac I get the thug mentality as well as the relatable bars.Vinnie Paz I get my politics and Immortal Technique I get my conspiracy theories. Spanish singers Ramon Ayala and Los Tucanes de Tijuana give me that Mexican flavor.
FREDDY G: My music influences our Tupac of course his lyrics and song content our real and relatable you can also feel his emotions thru his words in his music. Ice cube is another, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quick, Nate Dog, Warren G, and pretty much all wet coast rappers. I also like Spanish music like Vicente Fernandez and Ramon Ayala.  I like pretty much a little bit of everything.
READY REN: I love Korn, Tool, Emperor, Johan Sebastian, Juan Gabriel, Drake, Eminem, DjQuik, Wizardz (Funk), Chocolate milk, Ameega, All kinds of music from every genre influence me.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?
ARTICLE 13: I always tell people we are not like other rappers we have our own sound. We like to do things that aren’t normal, but we always have a message in every song.
FREDDY G: I would describe our music to people as real; it comes from the heart and soul we make songs about what we have seen in our lives.
READY REN: Our music is gritty, grime, street, melodic, intricate, different, we create a product that can be marketed to a diverse group of people, since our influences and backgrounds all differ we are able to create something that is like nothing I have personally heard before and guaranteed to be the same for anybody listening.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?
ARTICLE 13: We cater to both Spanish and English-speaking people and relay our messages to empower them. We don’t copy others style and stick to our own script, using our own beats we let the melody guide us.
FREDDY G: I think what makes us stand out from other artist is that we are genuine to ourselves we don’t try to portray something we are not.
READY REN: I don’t know what makes me stand out but I am myself and I am a different type of beast. I don’t conform to the norms thus making my influence in Madstruggle unique. Every member of the group comes together to form something unique that separates us from everyone out there. So to answer your question, things that are different tend to stand out.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?
ARTICLE 13: I would change the discrimination that is known to come down on independent artist. I also want to change the process of scouting and have them come to the local venues and see the talent that’s out there on the streets hustling to get their music heard not just online or waiting for the music to come to them.
FREDDY G: I would like for the music industry to go back to making real music with meaning and a message. Not just a catching beat, catching hook and a gimmick to sell music.
READY REN: Honestly the message of illicit lifestyles, music shouldn’t be about making it rain and syrup in my cup. It really should have a message behind it. The beats in today’s music are hot, but what are artist really saying besides nonsense? I personally think music should adapt an old school mentality cause back then there actually was a message. Whether it was positive or not at least it was real talk.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?
ARTICLE 13: We are currently working on our next album “Out The Rubble” we are going to be releasing that around Feb 2016. Music videos for our latest project “Orange Juice” will be shot also in Dec 2015.
FREDDY G: We are working on our album out of the rumble and new music videos
READY REN: Right now we just released the Orange juice collaboration album with the third music group. Madstruggle is currently wrapping up the finishing touches on our “Out The Rubble” album. Aside from local gigs, almost on a weekly basis nowadays it seems we are working with local artist assembling a management and marketing team to promote Madstruggle projects.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
ARTICLE 13: In 10 years I see myself opening our own record label called Madstruggle records to give those who want to make music a chance to showcase their talent based on their work.
FREDDY G: My career goals are to soak my mind and say what I feel while giving a message to the people not just giving them a good beat to dance to. I want to give the something with substance so they can think and open their mind. In ten years I see myself with a music studio, teaching the youth about music and producing.
READY REN: I see myself at the top of the game you have to dream big and shoot for the stars maybe you might land on a cloud. So you must have big goals and work hard to achieve them. I have champagne wishes and caviar dreams and I’m not afraid to chase them and catch them by any means necessary.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?
ARTICLE 13: We can be contacted on all Social Media platforms, for booking email us @ Madstrugglefamilia@gmail.com

FREDDY G: Freddyg714@youtube.com
READY REN: We got our website www.madstruggle.com and our Facebook under Madstruggle familia and the whole nine yards. All you need to do is google Reny Listo to find yours truly.












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