IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

SEAWOLPH: I was born in Gainesville, FL but I lived in Hawthorne for 19 years. Most of everything I’ve ever done has been in Gainesville. It’s my city and I love it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

SEAWOLPH: I started playing piano at the age of 7. I played for roughly 4 years before quitting in favor of guitar during my early teens. I later took up rapping as a hobby at the age of 17.

I took music seriously in terms of a viable career option until I released “Spaceship at the Gas Pump”. Songs released prior to that were simplistic creations made for my own entertainment; however, such projects allowed me to really grasp an understanding of the studio in the beginning.

In my mind, the life is about constant development and progression. The industry is forever changing; thus, remaining adaptable is partially the key to success. I try to fit that mold.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

SEAWOLPH: I record my own music because music has always been a large part of my life and I’ve never been one  to think one type of music less valuable than another; therefore, I wanted to create something that was unique to myself, then do so better than my competition.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

SEAWOLPH: Answering this in detail would genuinely take some time, considering that the brand encompasses such a truly versatile blend of music. If I had to sum it up, money motivation and promoting self-growth are two of the biggest recurring motifs or “Seawolph trends”.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

SEAWOLPH: There’s a Seawolph song for everyone! I personally believe, as I have been told by many people of various ages and backgrounds, that my music can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone to some degree. If you don’t like one song, or said song’s genre, you’re bound to like another. After all, there’s a lot to choose from, with more added every day. 😉

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

SEAWOLPH: The only musical influence that I have is Mike Shinoda. Fort Minor was basically the reason I started rapping in the first place. I remember listening to songs like “High Road” and “Where’d You Go” and getting goosebumps.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

SEAWOLPH: It’s a very well contrasted split of serious and sarcastic. As far as the genre is concerned, most of it can be classified under Hip Hop and R&B of all different kinds. The lifestyle you hear about in my music may seem foreign, but you feel like you are in those shoes and you totally understand the “vibe”. I try to make the verses thoughtful yet decisively worded, and the hooks meaningful, memorable and recognizable.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

SEAWOLPH: One of the ways I think I stand out the most is my ability to sit down and hash things out. I’ve filled all of the time that others use to “turn up” and “goof off” with work that is progressing my career. I’ve had more fun in the studio than anywhere else; My “fun” has paid off and continues to.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

SEAWOLPH: I am currently trying to finish my goal of 25 EP’s in my first year of dedication to making music. (at a rate of 7 songs per EP, I will have released at least 175 songs at that time). I view it as sort of a tribute to what will be. In short, I just want to make as much high quality music as possible, inspiring and/or touching as many people in the process as I can.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SEAWOLPH: My overall goal is to come out of this industry a legend, plain and simple. I fully believe that in the next 10 years I will have made an everlasting impression on the world with thousands of original hits consistently released throughout the stretch. (Yes. I mean thousands). Overwhelming quantity will never dictate degrading quality with this brand. We’re just here to shock and awe.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

SEAWOLPH: My primary source of contact would be through my Soundcloud or Personal Facebook Page.


All of my music has been initially released via Soundcloud.


All personal updates are made through Facebook.

You can also find me on at least 20 social networks under the name “Seawolph”. (i.e. Bandcamp, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.) Seriously we’re on sites many never even knew existed!









  1. I’m Timothy’s oldest Canadian fan sitting at 43. I’ve been following his journey over the past year and he does nothing but surprise me over and over again with a release of new original music day after day. I love all
    Music but and to be honest, rap is not my favorite but I love the Seawolph beats and the fact I can understand his lyrics and relate to so many songs is what makes me his Biggest fan north of the border!! My favourite 3 songs are “I Don’t Mind, “Here” and “Touch Base”.

    There’s definitely a song for everyone and this is why Seawolph will capture his audience young and old. All the best Timothy. Proud of this kind and well respected young man!! Humble with manners.

  2. I made friends with Timothy close to a year ago, and when he first sent me a link to one of his songs I was amazed. I absolutely love the music he makes, and I respect and admire him for being confident in himself but remaining respectful and never being cocky. He’s got an immense amount of talent and seeing him featured on here is so incredible. I fully believe that he’s gonna go so far with his music.

  3. Let me put it to you this way. Does a duck quack when you hit it in the face with a monkey wrench?
    But that’s not the point.
    I’ve been following Seawolph for a good amount of time now, seen his steady progression artistically, and I’m ever excited to hear more. Honestly he’s been by my side, through his music, for so long that I’m pretty sure he cured me of diabetes. Either that or it was my lifestyle changes. The point is, you can’t eat beans without rice but you can eat rice without beans and Seawolph is rice. If I had to choose he’d be a sticky variation of rice. Probably jasmine rice because of its worth. You see, Seawolph sticks to you and very soon you realize you need him, but you know like a baby peacock that you orphaned that night when you were a little drunk but you told your friends you were fine and they were like, “dude no let’s just get a cab”, but you didn’t listen. Yeah like that baby peacock, you just gotta let it fly. Now your on the six o’clock news cause you killed a rare species of peacock that can actually fly.

    Seawolph is a rare species and going to be a brand that far surpasses the scope of current artists. The room for improvement is ever present in each genre only because of his enormous reach into each and every genre (except country, nobody likes country). The amount of growth as I’ve said that I’ve seen is tremendous, it only gets better and better and you’ll know that there’s always more to come, because he’s popping out hits as often as I pop a mint, and I don’t brush my teeth people.

    If Obama and Trump were drowning and I only had one life preserver, It would be a tough choice about whether I should listen to Touch Base or Mama Let me Flex.. Either way, I Don’t Mind. No seriously I’m, Bad Company. I guess there’s no coming back, After That. Since using Seawolph songs as humor is getting stale I will conclude with this one thing. If you don’t take the time to find a song from Seawolph that suits your tastes (and trust me it’s there) then you’re going to give up on something huge, and all your friends are going to think your a loser.

    -Signed, Fan

    PS. If I had to be put under to undergo life threatening surgery, I’d ask them to play Seawolph to better my chances of survival.

    • Did you guys hear, Bout the Drama? As a certain kid would say, its that new new.
      I cannot believe there are people who don’t listen to him yet. Not listening to Seawolph is like, clicking “I’m under 18+” when trying to access websites, it just shouldn’t happen. Listen to me, his #2 fan, I know what I’m talking about. People look at this like its a peanut butter, jelly, pickle, and honey mustard sandwich. You’re thinking it’s awful right now. But have you ever tried it? Didn’t think so.

      When Seawolph makes music, he runs with it. He runs faster than a straight man in a gay bar during nude night. Listen there’s nothing “OK” with not listening to Seawolph. There’s no reason not to listen to Seawolph. He comes out with a song almost every day. Like it? Love it. Don’t like it? Wait until tomorrow.
      He keeps things fresh. What? You’re still listening to White Iverson? That’s like taking a bath in a tub of water that’s been there since yesterday. Come on guys. You can do better.
      And Seawolph is better.

      This article is the birthing of something huge. Seawolph just broke out of his little cute shell except he isn’t a bird, he’s a lion/t-rex breed and he’s not chirping he’s roaring. If you saw a lirex being birthed and it looked at you, I’m sure you’d lose your cool and do something stupid. Which probably explains why Hotline Bling was released soon after Seawolph began his conquest. But that lirex evolves at level 10 into a liradactile and Seawolph’ll be flying high above all the other fake artists, and one day he’ll snatch up Drake and bring him to a top of the seacano, which is a volcano with little Seawolph’s, and he’ll offer Drake as an evening meal to his little protege’s.

      Look at the reactions to this post? I’ll be damned if IAA can look at the page statistics and honestly say these aren’t all unique individuals. People are waking up, waking up to what the music industry isn’t and what Seawolph is. I don’t care how much of an image you give an artist, a rainbow colored sprinkled turd is still a turd. Although rainbow sprinkles are delicious on a nice sundae, have you ever tried sprinkles without ice cream? It just gets sticky in your mouth, then you’re looking for a drink and using your tongue to get it away from your gums. Honestly I prefer soft server over other types, but those frozen yogurts are pretty sweet too. I wonder how they even make that thing… To think it all started with vanilla, chocolate, and twist. I mean Who didn’t order twist growing up, its the best of both worlds. There’s this great place back home that made a skyscraper cone. That in itself was a challenge on par with the gallon of milk challenge. No human being needs that much dairy. So yeah, sprinkles suck.

      Seawolph, as your #2 fan, it would be me the world if you’d reply to this. I’d be more giddy than a Japanese school girl during a school festival. I have a vision that in the near future I’ll be the leader of a glorious band of groupies, and after every show we can run up to you and then you’ll proceed to flat out ignore us. That, ladies and gentleman is the life.

  4. This kid is insane! Every song he drops ends up blaring in my car driving through the city… Can’t wait to see him blow up, it’s definitely coming and he never disappoints.

  5. I have never much cared for rap, but my girlfriend’s son listens to Seawolph religiously. I actually find myself singing Mama Let Me Flex on my way to work in the mornings. Couldn’t help but subscribe on Youtube. Seawolph is gonna make it places.

  6. I literally hated Seawolph’s music for the first 40 or so songs. Then I realized how quickly he can release quality-controlled music. At that point he started to grow on me, but when I Promise You released… The world changed for me. Believe it. You’ve earned a +1 here Mr. Seawolph.

  7. My boyfriend loves this artist and never stops listening to his MEGA Mix. I didn’t much like it until I heard his rock and punk songs. I’m so excited for more like that from Seawolph. Keep it up, friend.

  8. I can honestly say, as Seawolph’s biggest fan, that his songs have so much more behind them than it seems. While lots of them appear shallow, some of them like “wait” tell a story and mean something to him and the listener. Though I have to say my favorites are his newest music, I.e. The things he’s put out in the last week or so. Interim, exotic sh*t, and older.

  9. It’s not hard at all to see HUGE amounts of talent when looking at #SavageSeawolph and his flow is stronger than Niagra Falls.
    Nobody I’ve seen these days has this much determination and overall drive as an artist/performer…INCREDIBLE.

  10. This shit is straight fuego! I had to turn my phone off so it it melt from the fire! I coulda toasted my bread from the heat of this joint! It may be 29 degrees out but my ass is staying warm tonight!

  11. This guy is amazing. If you’ve heard his new song “Exotic shit” then you know why it’s been on replay on my phone for 2 days now. Everything he does is just amazing. Soon not only will have stole the hearts of every girl in Florida, but also every girl in the nation. Love you Tim 🙂

  12. Home is swaggin out on some new shit this industry isn’t ready for (Kevin Hart status). Boy talkin bout some designer cars. This that fresh jam bruh. Keep it rollin boy

  13. That’s my boy! Literally my son… He works very hard at this music thing and takes it very seriously. I know people who don’t work at their JOB the way Tim does at his music. Good Job Son. Keep it up. You have proud parents…


  14. FINALLY!!! A GOOD new and up n coming artist!!! Let’s go!!
    I heard a bunch of songs and loved them!
    Can’t wait to hear more!??

  15. I have SO enjoyed watching you develop your skills over time. You have put an incredible amount of energy into your craft, and it shows. I am excited to see how your musical story unfolds. I very much enjoy your music, and your lyricism is great! Mama Wolph loves ya!

  16. This guy is dope. Word play on point even with the punchlines and metaphors ima rapper as well. I give credit when credit do. Chase the dream homies.

  17. We’ve came so far in this world from “hitchcocks”
    Or Hawthorne high.

    Words don’t explain how proud I am of you

    You’ll always be my bestie.
    But your about to explode with fame.
    At least one of us did ?

  18. Seawolph is such an inspiration to me. I really respect him and his hard work. He is such a genuine, sweet guy who puts so much dedication and work into producing his music. He genuinely cares for his fans, something some artists lack. His music really shows how devoted he is to his fans and just everything altogether.

  19. His work is unique, I had to aquire a taste for it at first but now it’s amazing to me. I can always appreciate music that has a positive influence on you, now days everything out is trying to turn you into a bad person and destroy your morals. ???

    • My goal has always been centering the music around motivation of all kinds! I totally know what you mean, and it’s a large reason we are here taking the world by storm!

      Thanks so much dude, seriously. Your support absolutely makes it all possible.

  20. This guy set fire to my soul ?
    I honestly hated rap or anything close to it but after listening to him, my entire music selection has changed. All his music is ?real and straight up savage. Not to mention he is such an inspiration to me. I wish I could work as hard as him or even come close to his talent. I know I have known you since I has a kid but dang, who knew you could be changing so many minds while doing something that you truly love.

    • I remember growing up and playing guitar / piano around you and Kaylie. 😀 haha I remember I genuinely used to be awful, but it’s amazing what support from people close to you + drive will get you.

      Seriously thank you so much for being there for me and listening! \o/ #SeawolphNation

  21. I haven’t listened to this kinda music in a few years till a friend let me listen tob a song by seawolph I was impressed and have since listened to many more it is inspirational how he does his music and creates songs for just about any situation keep it up man

  22. Couldn’t be happier for the kid!! I’ve been able to get to know him for the past few years and seeing his dedication and growth has been amazing!! Can’t wait to see where he takes this thing!!

  23. In this day and age it’s easy to get lost while making your first tentative steps into the world that is music. With that said, having an excellent sound is better than a compass, keep up the good work and don’t lose sight of what matters to you…
    looking forward to hearing your stuff on the radio someday.

  24. I’m a big fan. Very great work I definitely support you. Your going to make it big time 🙂 can’t wait to see more of your work blessing coming your way man…

  25. Seawolphs sound and flow is not only relevant, it’s also contagious. This artist has a blossoming career ahead and plenty of talent to achieve it.

    • Suraj! I remember freestyling in the apartment with you for the first time. That was at the yacht club apartments almost two years ago. We had been discussing ways to brand ourselves and entrepreneurship as a whole and really learning a lot about life. You are absolutely one of the wisest men I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see you brotha!

  26. I LOVE the music.? I’m always in the car playing seawolphs on soundcloud with the windows down. This shits on fire ? Keep it coming

  27. Been following this heat since a few months before the New Year and I have no problem letting it burn up the industry. The rhymes are great, the production is even better [but only slightly 😉 ex. Mama Let Me Flex], and Seawolph’s flow is on a whole new level. I’m pretty specific in the Rap/Hip-Hop I listen to and I have NO problem listening and sharing Tim’s music. It’s amazing the talent this guy has. When I first read he was putting out a new track everyday, I, instinctively, scoffed to myself and figured this guy was just putting out garbage, “popcorn” music, boy was I wrong. Day after day, Seawolph drops tracks that not only sample situations from all wakes of life, but are drenched in personality. The passion this guy has is unbelievable and I’m almost always envious at the amount of focus and dedication he has to his goals. It’s crazy that he can sit and put out such great masterpieces with Thomas Swanson in the few hours he can dedicate to the game each day. This line from the interview: “I’ve filled all of the time that others use to “turn up” and “goof off” with work that is progressing my career.” is so true and you can tell from the music quality and verses he spits. Can’t wait to see you on top bro, will be cheering you on no matter what!

  28. Everyone sleepin on my boy Tim! I still remember ridin in the car and he said “say a word and I’ll make a rap about it.” Y’all sleepin on the homie. #BossMan

  29. I’ve known Timothy for a while now, before he started recording music. Now of course we have never met. The first time I discovered Seawolph was a late night on Twitch, maybe about a year and a half ago. I hung out in his twitch chat for a while. Tim and his friends were super cool and friendly. I’d be in his stream every night. He’d play games from Five Nights at Freddy’s to minecraft and so on. Every now and then though, he was take a break from playing video games and just free style a little bit. He was extremely good at wh8at he did and definitely had talent. For some odd reason though he stopped streaming, but we continued to talk and keep in contact through Facebook. When I seen he was making music and putting stuff up on Soundcloud I was ecstatic. All of his music is super good, and Tim has grown a lot (talent wise and fanbase) from when I first met him. I’d definitely say he has an amazing amount of potential beyond what he has already accomplished. I can’t wait for the day when he’s signed to a major label and making a killing in the music industry, with little old me being a loyal friend and fan from the beginning.

    • Dude! talk about literally having you moderate chat for me while we had over 6,000 people watching us play games and freestyle live. Wish twitch hadn’t of ruined the party.

      You are easily one of my best friends lol and it all started with you winning a pizza one bored night on the stream.

      Blessed to have you in my life. SQUUUUUUADDDDDDDDD!!!!!! \o/

  30. This guy has some a lot of talent and major potential coming into this industry so young. I am definitely excited to see what the future holds for him! I also look forward to working with such a versatile artist as I am myself. Stay blessed bro!

  31. I am Rainy’s friand. I remember one day when we was cooling, her phone was fire from the music she was playing. I looked over and saw THOMAS SEAWOLPH “Italy”
    I Love listening to him on soundcloud. He is the real MVP

  32. A friend told me about Seawolph, the first time I listened to one of his songs… mann. He had me jammin??? This kids got nothin but mad talent. I mean of coarse, anyone can spit words, rhyme, and sound alright; But he actually puts a lot of meaning behind his songs, and I think thats what I like so much about them. Never give up, you got this man?✊???

  33. Have a to be honest for a second. Not only is his music relatable which is really hard to find anymore especially now .. his music is actually about something real. he has pure talent he is definitely going to go far with his music and in life please continue to make ??????.. (Proud)

  34. I can definitely see the world listening to Seawolph on the radio. Awesome beats and rap that kills. I’m looking forward to seeing this guy hit it BIG!! Keep making high quality tracks. ???

  35. Tim is an inspiration to us all. Growing up in a small town was rough on us, but he is making something out of himself. He’s really amazing when it comes from taking nothing and molding it into something. Great read and Tim keep going big brother. <3

  36. Timothy is definitely putting Florida on the map! Songs are released frequently and they are nothing less than straight fire!!! Keep doing your thing bro!

  37. To say Tim is going places would be one of the grossest understatements I could ever make. Having the privilege of knowing this guy and seeing his driving passion, his insane work ethic and his laser-focused vision for the future is literally indescribable. Not only are his songs good; not only is he quite astoundingly prolific; but he’s a damn classy guy and one of the most down to earth people I know. Watching Tim level up to his dreams every day is an adventure even from the sidelines!

    Oh, did I mention his music is absolutely on fire?

  38. This guy right here is genius on the mic. Found him via imgur in September and his lyrics are amazing, deep and meaningful. Keep it up, dude! You’re freaking amazing!

    • I have to give a large amount of thanks to the imgur community. Not just for helping me reach literally hundreds of thousands of people through coincidence, but also giving me the chance to meet you!

      I know you have a lot of things in your life trying to give you a hard time, but you are easily one of the most soulful people I know and YOU ARE GOING TO BE

  39. Seawolf is amazing i remember great times recording in the studio and our tracks made up in the middle of the night at all hours, he has done everything he needed to do to get to where he is now and never gave up his passion for music…

  40. Hell yeah bro your music is getting better and better just keep it up man you’ll make it to the top bro you have what it takes so just keep it up and don’t quit

  41. I’ve been listening to his music for a while now and im absolutely loving it. normally i don’t really rapping and such, but i enjoy every single song he makes. I don’t know why, but i think his songs are so beautiful. He’s so down to earth and literally every artist should be like that. He deserves more fame than he already has because he’s truly an amazing artist who makes amazing music. I can promise you that you’ll love his songs, no matter what your favourite music is. Everyone who hasn’t listened to his music yet, is really missing out.

  42. To be honest, I rarely listen to rap and especially “upcoming artists”, but Seawolph has the most talent I’ve ever personally witnessed in someone trying to make it big. He has such confidence in everything he does and he’s an angel to his fans! When I do feel like listening to some good rap that’s lyrically sound, it’s always Seawolph. When he says that his music is for everyone, he means it. He’s done well to incorporate a huge variety of sounds into his music to give it its own unique twist, incomparable to any other artist I’ve been interested in before. The best part is how he flows such complex ideas together. That’s what I look for when I listen to music. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this guy.

  43. This dude deserves to make it. He’s put in so hard much work and pleases his fans with every new song he gives us. His dedication means a ton.

  44. lil homie too skinny not to make it, so you know he’s hungry. he’s dropped bangers, road trip music, thoughtful songs, pointless songs, heady songs, his songs, her songs…. basically music for life. hopefully one day ill hop on a track with him. till then, keep listening, he has more to offer.

  45. This ninja right here, gunna blow up big. His flow is like a broken faucet, It just keeps going. Keep spitting that fire, and speaking the truth. +1 from me. Everyone who hasn’t checked him out, should. hit him up, and give him a chance. you wont regret it.

  46. You know he’ll be the one to make it far! Haha. Love from Florida, dude, you inspire all of us small town grown to try and reach for the stars even if you are from a little place. You are a beautiful example that no matter where you come from you can make it if you work hard and don’t slack off. Props to you, seawolph. Never stop what you’re doing.

  47. honestly his music is straight fire! I don’t even have to let the heat run in my car to defrost the windshield; I blast something from Seawolph and the frost just disappears.

  48. I actually meet him by accident in Hawthorne. Literally the chillest dude , like he had me laughing so hard that my pooper had a six pack lol. Then he total me about his music , i was skeptical but its was lit asf . i can vibe to Seawolph

  49. A friend of mine, David introduced me into this song and after hearing a few songs made me want to keep listening to it more and more. The rhythm, uniqueness, and the meaning of his songs are straight up fire. And I know for sure that this guy is going big, keep it up.

  50. Showing some love from Texas.
    I’ve never even met this kid but I do know I can’t wait for the day we get to collaborate. I think it’s pretty obvious this mans passion and musical creativity blindly shines through each song he puts out.

  51. Seawolph’s music has a little something special to it.

    Personally, I’ve never been into rap. It just doesn’t fill my soul like others genres do. But Seawolph? There’s a fire… a passion I haven’t experienced before. I do not know what it is about his music, but it ignites me. It leaves me numb. It gives me pupose when I need it most.

    I’ve been following Seawolph for a while now – after a close friend finally got me to listen to him (one of the best musical decisions I have made). I have seen what he does live and let me tell you what, he is mesmerizing. His lyrics, his power and his rhythm are awesome and incredible.

    Seawolph is a force to be reckoned with, I just know in my heart and soul he’s going places. And because he is not only talented but such a great guy and honest man, I hope he gets there.

    Thanks man for getting this girl to love rap. Keep it up, I can’t wait to see just how far you go.

    • Excatly what im saying! I dont want to bash at mainstream rap , which itself is great in its main aspects, but Seawolph can bring some live bars . ✌✌??

      • I really seriously appreciate it you guys. One of the best things I’ve ever been told in my entire life is that I was able to change someone’s mind about the entire genre.

        We really get to be something different, and I promise I will keep that in my heart as we move forward and make this happen HARDER.

  52. Yo I shit you not I was cooking while listening to my mans music, got so damn into it I burnt my food. I thought the fire and heat was coming from his music. Mad respect man

  53. Seawolph you are so amazing. Your music is perfect. Every time I listen to it it puts me in a good mood 🙂 You’re such an amazing person. You’ve made a ton of songs but all of them are unique and wonderful just like you. I’ve only known you for a short time but I can already tell you and your music will make a difference in the world. A good one ?

  54. These other dudes make me laugh, Seawolph and Thomas Swanson got something going here. Where are the scouts and why aren’t they fawning yet? I saw this white boy sitting in a foreign at the red light like it wasn’t even a thing. Respect breh.

  55. Seawolph is always bring the heat, day after day!
    I don’t think these other artists are ready for the bomb about to dropped on the industry known as SeaWolph!

  56. Man there is a song for every mood your in not only does the lyrics speak volume but the beats are mad sick this guy is 100% out for the kill I can’t wait for the next track to drop so I can blast it everywhere I go

  57. All his songs are great! ♡ he works hard to provide songs for every mood, moment and shows what he had to add to the music industry & what he is capable off

  58. He tries to step it up everytime he drops something, he tries to add different music styles to it & his lyrics can be so relatable!

  59. I’ve known Seawolph and his producer for like a year or two now and I’ve yet to be disappointed! His songs are always fire and the beat is too! Anybody can vibe to these songs because that’s what they’re intended to do is catch anybody’s attention. I’ve always loved the music released from these guys and I definitely recommend giving them some love and follows on soundcloud Facebook etc. There’s too much to say on how much I appreciate this music because it’s real!

  60. I have been following Seawolph for a well. over a year. He has had quite the journey. I can’t wait until he gets signed so I can start buying his Albums!! There’s nothing like driving down the highway listening to his style of music!!

  61. Wow, coming back to this article and the response has been overwhelming. I’m going to try and respond to as much as possible!

    I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart — to all of my friends, fans and supporters alike who took the time to come show me some love here.. THANK YOU!!

    #SeawolphNation baby!

  62. I’ve listened to losts of rap musics, hip hop and I have to say that Seawolf is just unique and different from all other artists and his just starting.

  63. ‘They’ don’t want him to succeed so you know what Seawolf is going to do?? His goin to set multiple records, be all over radio, and everyone is going to know his name.

  64. Tim.. The man, The Wolph, The Legend.
    I’ve only known him over the past couple of years, but what I do know of him is his that his work ethic is unparalleled to many and what ever he does, he pours every last drop of his being into. While being able to uphold such high standards, he’s able to produce song after song, day in and day out. If its not already hard enough, he’s able to produce them consistently with the same quality as the previous one, while maintaining the integrity of his music and himself. There’s no cutting corners. The creativity and word-play that comes into his music is fresh and interesting. I’ll admit that I was not, and still for the most part am not, a fan of hip-hop or rap. That being said, I have been able to put my preconceived thought of what those genres meant because Tim has broken down some barriers and made these genres more assessable across more than one category of music. Fact of the matter is that Seawolph is going to make it as an artist. It’s just a matter of time. Hard work and dedication to your craft pay off, and a lot of people notice. You’re gonna make it big man. Never lose sight of that. Your network is here and ready, lets get you there.

    • Bro, the undivided support is something I don’t ever think I’ll be able to truly express how thankful I am to have.

      A few good late nights have been spent talking about life and learning the world together, and years later here we are. You’re working at one of the biggest companies in the world, and I’m out here itching to do the next thing and flip the music industry upside down.

      Thank you so much for recognizing me and being there for me man.

  65. YO fr it was awesome getting reunited with everybody! and everybody who reads this i wanna ask for everybody again just to LISTEN, FOLLOW AND SHARE MY BOY SEAWOLPH, leave a comment as well! and write a review! I’ve known Seawolph, for a long time, and i can say he’s one genuine dude, and puts out some fire! find him @ https://soundcloud.com/seawolph

    • ^ While this is much appreciated, the comment below did not come from me. All others on this post have if they were made before this one, but this Travis kid has been going on and screwing with other people’s articles and it’s not cool.

      So cut it out, lets be professional and thank you very much mychael for the support.

      All future comments will come from my official twitter handle which is @tdseawolph 🙂 that way you know it’s me.

  66. I love it cuzzo!! I love every song and everything you’ve done!! I’m so damn proud of you it’s insane!! You’re one of the very few people in the family recently to really become something. && You’re definitely becoming something quite big and amazing! I love all of your work.. My whole side of the family is all so proud of you and all that you’ve done.. Keep doing your thing!! Like I’ve always said go hard or go home!! lol

  67. My daughter his hooked on Seawolph and plays his music constantly . As a Mom I find his music refreshing as it is not full of anger and angst but upbeat . My daughter can play the music constantly and loudly and I never cringe or tell her to turn it down !!!
    Thank you , Seawolph , for spreading some good tubes !!
    An appreciative Mother !!!

    • I’m very glad that your daughter enjoys the music — but more than that, I’m so glad that you as a mother can approve of my values and enjoy the music with her. It just helps me know as an artist that the approach of being open to adaptability while keeping my creativity is working.

      The most valuable type of feedback! You’re the reason I keep on making music! Cheers 🙂

    • Seeing comments like this make me so happy! It really shows how Timothy’s music reaches such a wide range of people, it’s so great!!!

  68. Just started listening to this, heard about it from a friend. Not my usual music but I am really enjoying it! It makes me want to go on a long road trip, or walk in the rain. I love walking in the rain.
    Thanks for sharing your music with the world!

  69. Roses are red,nuts are brown,skirts go up,pants go down,body to body, skin to skin, when its stiff, stick it in,the longer its in, the stronger it gets,it goes in dry, comes out wet, its comes out dripping and starts to sag
    Its not what you think its a…Teabag

  70. I’ve never liked any rap aside from Kanye and Gambino….but Timothy makes stuff that I just cannot stay away from. He’s up there with Kanye, and that’s saying something huge. His music is addicting, and it’s good to listen to wherever, whenever. He’s gonna go insanely far.

  71. My boy has been dropping some really sick tones for a minute. It’s really hard for myself to pick a favorite, because he out does himself with ever one that he comes out with. This cat is going to the top, he will be a house hold name very soon and it gives me nothing but pleasure to be his friend and support what he is doing with his life.

  72. I have been following seawolph for a while now, and what he brings to the table is truly impressive. I have never seen a rapper release so much music in a short period of time, and the quality is impeccable. His raps have steadily been improving in all aspect and become much more relatable. I cannot wait to see what seawolph drops in the future!

    • Damn, I really appreciate you fam! Yep absolutely, I’m dedicated to giving you guys new music to listen to consistently.. but you will notice that the quality never falls short.

      Always gonna keep the music DOPE!!!

      Thank you so much for coming and hitting me with this! 🙂

  73. Dude his stuff is lit asf. and i’m really amazed by how fast and easy he does this while still giving professional pieces, absolutely amazing.

  74. Badass beats and definitely some amazing lyrics that can relate to many listeners! It’s only been sick hits dropping and keep them coming man!

    • I’m ashamed to say my friend told me to drop a comment on his review but my friend is shit, and now I found this and I’m like… Sorry bro you can’t compete with Seawolph…

  75. Maybe you didn’t get the picture….

    This is a done deal. He’s already professional af, he doesnt even need a label. Labels should be happy to stick a foot in this and get money from it

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