IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: I was born in Bozeman Montana. I moved around a bit as a little kid, but ended up back in the treasure state.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: As far back as i can remember music is the one thing in my life that is completely constant. Everything else comes and goes fades in and out except my love for music. Ever since I was little I’ve been obsessed with making music.
I remember back in grade school getting sent to the principal’s office several times for what I called a desk drum set. I would also make up all my own lyrics to every song in music class. Everyone liked my versions better, except the teacher. My background is simple. I love music, thought I could do it. I got a simple program, i think is was Fruity loops. I was just kinda a natural at it so I just kept upgrading programs and equipment. Now I just want to keep improving and make music my job and life.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: I just want to give people the same high I get from good music. Money is nice too.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: My songs are all instrumental beats so what their specifically about is yet to be determined. They all definitely have their own  mood and are directly related to my mood at the time of creation.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: My influences are mostly hip hop: Biggie, Tupac, Wu-tang, Geto Boys, Bones Thugs, Mac Dre, Andrea Nickatina, Smoove, Too Short, Necro, Project Pat, Immortal Technique, Nas, Tech N9ne, and UGK. I also like a lot of random stuff too like Sublime, Rage Against The Machine, Pantera, Misfits, Anti Flag, Slightly Stoopid, Eek A Mouse, Highwaymen, Bob Marley, and all the Marleys just to name a few.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: When people ask me to describe my music its a though question for me because my music has so much variety. One day I’ll feel like making some really slow dark creepy rap beats. The next day I’ll try some uplifting reggae type stuff. Overall my specialty is inspirational big sounding beats that make you want to burn out and pop a wheelie though an intersection or rob a bank or something. Ok maybe don’t  do that last one.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: I guess the main thing that separates me from the rest is where I grew up. I haven’t heard of one hip-hop producer from the mountains. I grew up at one of the biggest ski resorts in North America I could ski better than most adults before my second birthday. I also have a really creative usage of sound. My creative usage of sound makes people ask stuff like did I just hear a bird chirp or where you get that fog horn. I also tweak most of my instruments into my own custom style that makes it more unique.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: There were a lot of challenges for me and still are, but the most prominent for me is getting people in high places in the music industry to listen. Say an AR does listen to your music, most the time they don’t want anything to do with you unless you sound just like someone else who has already been successful. They want you to be unique, just not too unique, very confusing.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: My only upcoming protect is letting my music skills keep evolving and getting better. I try to make working on it every day a priority.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: My main goal is to make a great living doing what i love, The true American Dream I guess. In ten years I would love to have a huge resumé filled with lots of placements on good hip-hop albums, video games, movie, TV, everything.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

PURPLE ERKEL PRODUCTION: I have small sample of my music on reverberation under the name Purple Erkel Productions, rest is top secret. I love feedback. Hit me up.