Taurus Hearns Jr. (born July 25, 1994), known professionally as “Truth” is a young aspiring music artist, Christian songwriter and record producer who was born in Youngstown, Ohio. At the age of six months, he was legally adopted by his paternal grandmother, Linda Faye Jones, and raised in Pinson, Alabama where he attended church since age six. Truth credits his grandmother for keeping him on the right path and providing him with opportunity to break the cycle of substance abuse and crime, encountered by his mother, Tonya Hearns, and father Taurus Hearns Sr. (who continues to spend the majority of his adult life in prison).

Truth was first introduced to music while attending church where he learned to play the drums and sing in the choir. As an adolescent, he became aware of his talents for singing and rapping after his uncle would take him to a studio to record. Not only did Truth discover his vocals, he also realized his unique artistic gift and talent of writing and composing music.

Inspired by musical leaders and pioneers such as Bob Marley, 2Pac, Lauren Hill, Lecrae, ColdPlay and others, at age nineteen, Truth started his own independent record production company, HillZion Records where he released several tracks including “Alive”, “Dreams”, “Jesus Swagg”, and the Christian remix to Fetty Wap “Jesus Won’t You Come My Way”.

Although the themes of his music centers around everyday struggles of life and how to positively cope with problems, the majority is about “glorifying the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and giving those who listen to it, hope in knowing there is a better tomorrow for those who seek a better future in Christ.” Truth’s music is positive, uplifting and motivating. It inspires and nurtures the soul, giving ultimate praise to the One above.

With his southern flavor and thoughtful approach to music Truth is anything but your cookie cutter hip-hop artist. He has quickly gained a follower from his unconventional approach. Truth is focus on spreading his positive message to the masses and seeks to change the music industry.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

TRUTH: Although I was born in Youngstown, Ohio, I was raised in the Birmingham, Alabama area (Pinson, Alabama).

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

TRUTH: I was first introduced to music at church where I played the drums and sang in the choir. Shortly after learning to play the drums, I became aware of my gift of singing and rapping particularly when my uncle Lorenzo put me in a booth and began to record me. It was then that I discovered my artistic gift and talent of writing and composing music.

In high school, I initially sang in the Beginners’ Choir then moved up to Chamber Choir. After performing very well, I was selected for Alabama Music Educators Association (AMEA) and earned the 2012 Alabama Honor Choir Award.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

TRUTH: I have wanted to record and release my own music since hearing the great art that came forth from talented musical leaders and pioneers such as Bob Marley, 2Pac, Lauren Hill, Lecrae, and ColdPlay. I love the music making process and how positive music can enhance and develop the environment for others. By creating music, I can directly influence and provide a positive escape for others through inspiration and motivation.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

TRUTH: As an independent recording artist and leader, my music is about everyday struggles of life and how to positively cope with problems. My music evidences my personal growth as a human being throughout the years. It also highlights my mistakes and shortcomings, and signifies how growth and maturation are truly a process. The majority of my music is about glorifying my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and giving those who listen to it hope in knowing that there is a better tomorrow for those who seek a better future in Christ.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

TRUTH: As an artist for the people and by the people, my fan base is comprised of all ethnic and racial groups who love great music for the mind, body and soul. I am an artist, not a rapper. Through my lyrics, I paint a picture for my fan base. The track is my canvas and the lyrics are my paint. Therefore, my art is for the world to see, hear, feel and touch. Ultimately my fan base is directed towards the people, everyone, period.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?
TRUTH: Since I was six years old, music has been in my ears and blood. My musical influences are impacted by a wide array of artists, from Bob Marley to 2Pac, to Lauren Hill, among many others. These different and unique artists inspired an intense music passion within me. I would consider myself to be influenced by not only the artists I’ve mentioned but by many genres as well.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?
TRUTH: I would describe my music as simply art. It is positive, uplifting and motivating. My music inspires and nurtures the soul, giving ultimate praise to the One above. It is truly for the soul and a demarcation of creativity at its finest.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?
TRUTH: Since my passion for music is inspired from the Spirit within and I’m a unique being formed by God, I naturally stand out from other artists. I have my own image, my own flow, my own way of being creative and relating to people of all backgrounds. I don’t seek satisfaction from what man can do for me. Rather, I seek satisfaction from what God can do for other people through me. This mindset not only drives how I interact, care for and serve others through my music, it is the very attribute that allows me to stand out from other artists. Many people attempt to write, compose and deliver music for self-serving reasons. Because my drive and motivation is internal and unselfish, I’m set apart from others naturally.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

TRUTH: After releasing my first EP, titled “Alive”, I’ve been working on my second EP, “Grace”. It will consist of four songs with a single that will take the industry by storm. Although the release date has not been determined yet, I’m sure it will change the sound of Hip-Hop.

I’m also working to set up live performances. I’ve done them in the past and will continue to do so in order to promote my music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TRUTH: Ultimately, my main goal is to bring praise to God, pushing His kingdom forward while positively touching the lives of others through my music. As an artist, my career goals also include becoming one of the greatest to interact with Hip-Hop, Pop and EDM. I aspire to be a Grammy award-winning artist, to write for other amazing artists and help create a new sound within the music industry.

Within the next ten years, I see myself becoming very wealthy, winning several awards (e.g. Dove, BET, Grammies). My intent is not to become prideful and show off the awards, but rather serve as a witness to others who have the same goals and dreams as I do, that achieving one’s goals is possible for him or her, just as it is for a young man from Birmingham/Pinson, Alabama.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

TRUTH: OfficialX_Truth fans can access my music by visiting NoiseTrade.com and SoundCloud.com. I can also be contacted by having them join my fan mailing list at officialxtruth@gmail.com and by looking me up on FaceBook and Twitter at OfficialX_Truth.












  1. Very inspiring to every person out there whether you’re young or old to follow your dreams and Let Jesus be your #1 priority and He’ll start working in your life in ways you never thought possible. Because everything is possible with Jesus and He only wants the best for us. Keep up the great work Taurus ?

  2. I’m Soooooo Glad to have Known This Young Man For A Couple of Months, He’s Awesome & the Truth Is All In Him…Such an Outgoing Person And He’s Also Talented…Thankful to God for A Person Like Him ❤

    • WOW, I’m glad to have Known you to my Sister! Thank you for your support. So thankful for every single time you helped support me from sharing my music to tagging others in it! Your such a great help and supporter! Your amazing!

    • Rochelle, you are such an Inspiration and one of my Biggest supporters! I can’t tell you Enough how Amazing you are! Your Defientely Great and Continue to be just that Sis!

  3. AWESOME TO SEE A YOUNG MAN WHO’S CHASING AFTER GOD’S ON HEART AND SEEKING HIS FACE DAILY! You don’t get to see this happen much but I pray that God would continue to use Mr. Taurus to show other men and women the Right Way and that’s through Jesus Christ. Matthew 5:16 states, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Continue to let your light shine Taurus! Be encouraged! And I pray that you stay on the straight and narrow! God Bless You!

    • Thank you Crystal for all your support sis, your so amazing! Keep preaching and teaching and drawing in those souls for the Kingdom sis! God see’s your labor and it’s not in vain!

  4. This young man is amazing! His music is unlike any other artist out there. He uses God’s truth along with his talents to create amazing sound! Continue to follow God’s path and you will continue to do great things!!!

    • Thank you so much ms. Rebecca! I remember when you all used to give us toys and snacks from across the fence when we would be out playing football in the yard! You all are the true inspiration! I love you all! God bless you!

      • God tells us to help one another. I may not have a lot but what I do have has been a blessing from God. I want to share those blessings whenever possible.

        • Ms. Rebecca, Your Definitely The Definition Of A True Woman After Gods Heart! I Remember Every Time That You All Had a Yard Sale, And Stuff that Was Left Over And that No one Bought You Would Walk Over To The Fence While i would Be Playing Football, and you would Bless Us With so many different Gifts. Its amazing that You And Your Husband have that Heart and Love People! That Wont Ever Go In Vain! NEVER!

  5. I don’t know the young man personally. But what I do know ,he has the Holy Spirit living in him. He love’s sharing his gifts and talents that God has given him for the Glory of Jesus Christ. And that’s all I had to know about the young man to be friend him on Facebook.
    Continue to glorify God and He will lift you up at precisely right time.
    Grace and Peace!

  6. I’m so proud of you and the young man that you have become, your grandmother would be very proud of you too, keep up the good work, nice music.

  7. I Love to See young men have a heart after Jesus and bring us this righteous music instead of the junk we hear today…young man, you got it!

  8. First met this guy at my old job. He was more then just a coworker, he became a spiritual brother who helped me get saved through the baptism in Jesus name. We started doing music and God moved so fast for us but, im proud of you bro!

    • Thank you bro! God totally gets the glory! Thank you for your love and your support! Stay tuned There much more to come, and I believe that!

  9. Im excited and is looking forwarded to the blessing God have in store for you!! Never give up and always keep God first in everything you do!! #webelieveinyou

  10. A very inspirational story from an anointed man of God. He knows who he is and is confident in where he is going. Blessings to you as you follow the plan God has for your life.

    • Thank you Ms. Judith, God gets the glory, thank you for all your live and support. I’m believing that God is going to do so much more in the near Futuer!

  11. I’ve Heard A Couple Of Songs He Has Made and I Really love them especially the new songs drowning and my Change its Awesome !

    • Thank you Genesis! God gets the glory! Thank you for your love and support! Keep me In your prayers that I will continue to be a vessel for the lord to use!

  12. I Pray to God He Gets 400 signatures but, If He Don’t he should definitely be signed anyways, I would love to see him go Far

  13. At some point in your life, you will be lucky enough to meet someone who inspires you to be a better person. Not only will they be a role model, but also one of the best and most genuine people you will have the privilege and pleasure of meeting. Lucky for me, I met this type of friend his name is Taurus.

    He is always happy, caring, and being sincere. You are one in a million and I want you to know that, through seeing this in you, it inspires me to do these things for myself. So, thank you, for simply being who you are and sticking by it. Know that it never goes unnoticed and is greatly recognized by those who surround you in life. I hope you and your music continues to inspire many others.

    • Thank you Adriana, you have been nothing but a big support since the moment I first met you. God bless you and keep me in your prayers!

    • Thank you so Much Adriana, for just those amazing words of Encouragement from the Heart! You are Truly a great Woman and I’m so thankful to have met you, and I’m so thankful to have Known you! Keep being Great and No Motter what, never take your eyes off of Jesus! Thank you again for your Love and your Support!

  14. Great job, my sibling, family it really time for Taurus Lee Hearns, Jr. (TRUTH) TO BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT, you are really my Inspiration

  15. So proud of you Taurus. Thank you so much for sharing your Truth as a gift from God. You are truly gifted. Proverbs 18 verse 16 says A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. Continue to Spread Truth and blessing others with your gift. Blessings and Favor always. God’s Love be upon you.

    • Thank you so much for your love and your support! Thank you for being an I disputation to me! God totally gets the glory! Thank you again Ms. Artemis!

  16. Proud of you bro! You have truly allowed God into your heart and given him complete control so that he can use you for his great works!!! Your music has inspired me tremendously. And for that I thank you!

  17. So proud of you young man keep up the good work you are a great youth leader at Christ Temple Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith!!!! we love you and we love what God is doing in your life keep up the good work…..a soul winner from your heart!

  18. Taurus I have known you since you were a little boy. It was a pleasure having you in my Sunday School class. I knew that you had greatness within you. I watched as you grew into the God fearing man that you are today. Keep your focus on Jesus Christ and He will lead you to higher ground. We are proud of you.

      • Ms. Gladys Amerson, I Remember Being in your Sunday School Class Growing up and learning so much from you! I remember you would Come To House and Bake Cookie and you and I Would Have Reading Sessions! I Will Never Forget Anything that you have Ever Done for me…And you know what Even Though My Mama Isn’t Here Any Longer i Know she Wlll Never Forget It Either God Bless You And I Love You Ms. Amerson!

  19. One of the most talented dudes I know Kindom let more then music with this guy ministry ? continue to be a blessing family

  20. Taurus, this is your moment…this is your time…and this is the place….the set time for favor…seek God for direction….listen to Him as He instructs you how to spread your wings…. to fly and to soar.. to become, produce, excel in what plans He has stirred in you…which is nothing but the best! I look forward to seeing you fulfill the “Truth” and help others reach their fullest potential. Godspeed.

  21. What’s Next Because I Sure Would Like to Know…His Songs Are Awesome Especially Drowning and Heroes…The Songs Are Hot….I Want More More & More

  22. Young Taurus is truly inspirational and encouraging to others. Have known this guy for a long time and I’m excited to see where God takes him as he continues to change the world not only through his awesome music. Keep up the good work!

  23. Taurus my brother is doing a great work, earnestly contending for the faith. I am excited about his future, it sure is bright. Break out the ray bans. Peace & Favor rest upon the many projects to come!

  24. Boy, Taurus you scratching surface now. It’s only a matter of time until he show you how much you’ve mastered your craft dude. You already inspired me to be a better man because you already are while we all just are just getting to that arriving age. Like I said you’re just getting started this been your dream since we was kids. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you nothing but blessings bro!!!

    • Thanks CeeJay! So thankful that this Childhood dream is becoming a reality! I’m a witness that Jesus will definitely Give you the desires of your heart! God bless you!

  25. Your music is legit was talking to a friend and she was saying we need more music like yours and I totally agree bro you painted a picture in your ep Proud of you bro keep it going looking forward to more music from the Truth!

  26. Be With Him Jesu, Lord I Pray and Ask He Receives All He Needs….Warner Bros Don’t Let Him out Of Your Sight Nor Out of Your Hand !

  27. I love you so much! I’m so proud of the man you have become I remember like it was yesterday sitting at the lunch table with everyone now your making music and speaking for the lord. You have great things coming in your future!

  28. What an Awesome article for an Awesome young man who’s truly after God’s own heart! Keep up the Great Work and diligent spirit In spreading Gods word Taurus! You will certainly succeed! We Love you and Pray for your continued success! Blessings to you Always!

  29. What a talented young man who is using his gift for the uplifting of Christ! The sky is the limit Taurus, continue to keep Christ first! We are ery proud of you!

  30. I’m proud of you Taurus! It’s been a pleasure watching you grow and develop a craft that will benefit both you and your listeners.

  31. I’m extremely proud of you Taurus and continue living for God and he will bless you!!!! Your songs are truly inspiring and I pray that God will open up the Windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing!!!!

  32. What a blessing it is to see a young man glorifying the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The scripture says ” remember the creator in the day of your youth”, and he’s doing the “Word”, and God will bless you to have “Word Results” Birmingham is blessed to have a saved, sanctified, and holyghost filled example in the music industry today. May God richly reward you for your work and labor of love for the Kingdom. Never give up on doing Kingdom Building!!!

    • Thank you so very very much Antia Fay, and May God Continue to bless you and I hope and pray that all your dreams and wishes come true! And remember God always gets the Glory!

  33. Very Inspiring Tarus! I pray God continue to give you the desires of your heart and Bless You in ways man didn’t know it could be possible! I see you & I’m Happy/ Proud of the person you’ve become in spite of odds and how you still push to overcome obstacles and still have a desire to bless and serve God. Trust & Believe God See You Too & Know Your Time Has Already Come Because God Hasn’t Forgotten About You! I’m Praying With You & For You, For Your Continued Success In God!☺ Stay Focus & Again You’re On Your Way Higher In Your Career!

  34. Nice bro! It’s good to seeingy you be used by the Lord! Being a vessel and drawing the young people!? I believe you will go higher in God!

    • Thanks A.J. I remember coming to 93.7 WDJC and you allowing me to share my story with people all over the world! God Bless you brother!

  35. Man of God let me correct myself TRUE MAN OF GOD!!! I am so proud of you and I pray your work brings others to the the Kingdom of Christ you where born to do great things and it shows continue to do what you are doing I love you and God bless you…. (PROUD COUSIN THATS ME)

  36. Truth is phenomenal CHH Artist i like his versatility in his music he speaks what his name represents Truth I’m looking forward to hearing some more music from him

  37. Taurus is a really great guy.. His music and his story is inspiring. I can’t wait to see him go big one day because I know he’s got that going for him. Keep on doing amazing things Taurus.

    A fan girl,

  38. I have seen the passion that this young man has for ministry. Its truly refreshing to see the work that he has accomplished by drawing others to Christ. May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

    • God gets the Glory! Thank you Leah! Your So amazing! Thank you for the Encourgment, and for just being who you are and allowing God to use you as well!

  39. Congrats on what you are doing Taurus! You are truly touching the lives of others through your music. What a lasting gift to the world! Keep blessing others with your great talent.

  40. Grace & peace be unto you my brother in the Name of Jesus. Stay encouraged, look to Jesus and keep the main thing the main thing! Much love & God bless

    • God gets the Glory Benjamin, thank you for the encouraging words you’ve given me and how you’ve had faith with me that God would provide all the Needs! Thank you again Bro!

  41. I’m so proud of you my brother keep pushing its your time to shine you will be successful in whatever you do in life proud of you bro

    • God gets all the Glory brother! I remember when me and you were just little kids, running around chasing dreams and we had that crazy radicle faith even then… Now look, almost 12 or 13 years later God is answering the Prayer Of Faith! God is so good and thank you for always having faith that Hod would Give me the desires of my heart, and that’s to make it so that one day we can both Hive back! You are an Amazing Brother!

    • Thank you Sis! Victoria, thank you so much for having the faith and Believing in the dream and the Mission! Your so amazing! Let God continue to lead and Guide you as well sis!

    • Thank you Horace, God gets the Glory and you know my head stays up! I look to the Hills from whence Cometh my Help, my Help Cometh from the Lord! God bless you Horace!

    • Thank you Kiyah, God totally Hots the glory! Thank you for believing that God would do just what he said! Your amazing! You continue chasing your dreams and just believe and know that all things are possible!

    • Thank you Jackie God Totally Gets the Glory! And remember that the best purpose in this life, Is always A Life Full of Purpose! God bless you!

  42. So glad to see God blessing you in this ministry. As long as you honor God first in your ministry, God will honor it and you in his kingdom. I am so proud of the young man you have become. Keep up the good work.

    • God Gets the Glory Mr. Steven, and I’m sir thankful for you and your wife Ms. Rebecca! You’ll always be on my heart! Thank you for believing in Gods Plan and always believing and Encouraging me!

    • Antia Gwen I love you so much and thank you! You all Shevardnadze always been days one supporters and fans of the Movement and the mission!

  43. Please make sure you tell everyone about this young man who is not just talented, but has chosen to be different, (the bible calls it peculiar/different from the world-set apart) to use what Satan meant for evil (life struggles) Taurus allows others to look at his journey, and see a refection of hope through God’s Amazing Grace; while pointing them to the cross of Calvary (God’s loving Son our Savior/a better way of life (SALVATION!).

    • Thank you Nicky for being such an amazing Fan and supporter of the Mission and the movement! God gets the glory and may God continue to bless you bro!

    • Thank you Pastor Murphy , and I just save, first of all God Gets the Glory, and second of all I’ve learn from the best sir! You are an amazing Teacher!

  44. I grew up going to school with Taurus, me and him was close friends thru middle and high school and not one time have I ever seen Taurus loose his faith in God. And to see him being a positive role model to the kid today trying to steer them in the right direction is truely a blessing. I try to listen to all your songs but I don’t really get on Facebook a lot man. Glad to see your out there doing something successful. God bless you bro

    • Well God gets the glory! And Thank you for all the support you’ve shown so far! Your have really Been a blessing in so many ways bro!

    • Nathan, we grew up together buddy.. Very close.. Haven’t seen you and forever though man.. Thanks for the support and love! God has a blessing for you! Don’t give up on your dreams! And keep your faith!

    • Thank you Nikia! God gets The Glory! And thank you for downloading the EP “ALIVE” and I’m glad it has been of a help to you! May God continue to pour out his Amazing Blessings Upon your life sis

    • Nokia rooks also thank you for showing much love to the “Feeling Like Curry” single on the EP! Your Defientely a Loved Fan sis! God Bless you!

  45. Keep up the great work Truth!!!! I know God will truly bless you!!! Always lean on him and as his word says He will never fail you!!! God Bless!!

  46. Thank You Daneil, God Bless you Bro! God Gets the Glory! Thank you also for always supporting the vision, And Allowing God to use You as well!

  47. It’s great to see other young people dedicating their talents, skills, and ultimately their life to the glory of God. God bless you Taurus. I pray His continual favor upon you in Jesus’s name.

    • Yes sir!! God bless you Mr. Carlos Robinson! And May God Continue to Build you and Uo and Take you Higher! Thank you Again for your Love and Your Support Sir!

  48. Amazing story my young brother , keep doing what you are doing ,stay true to the Lord and he will stay true to you God bless you.

  49. Truth (I know him as Taurus) truly has a love and passion for God. Keep doing what you do to inspire young people to seek a greater relationship with Jesup Christ!

  50. Born in Lincoln, Alabama, later I moved to Detroit, currently CA, raised in my early years by my grandmother on her farm, grew up without my dad, brought up in the church by my mother, I can relate to Taurus, and his struggles; but also his hope which he found in the victory of God’s love-SO WILL OTHERS!

    • That’s an Amazing Story!!! WOW!!! God is Good! Thank you for all your support and definitely for your story!! That’s definitely. A great testimony!

  51. What a refreshing perspective from a young man whose focus & determination to succeed comes from his eyes set on Jesus. Grammy or no Grammy, album or no, keep your eyes on Jesus and give Him all the praise for your talents and abilities! I look forward to watching what the Lord will do with you in years to come. Remember 1Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you” I have no doubt of the great blessings the Lord is planning for you! Keep Shinning for Him!

    • Well God Gets The Glory Ms. Jenny! I’m so Thankful to have Spoken to you and God Is So Good! You Continue to Seek His Face! Thank you so Much for your Love and Your Very Much Support! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  52. It’s so refreshing to see a young man seeking God first and pursuing his dreams. I am so happy for you! Stay humble and always keep God first and He will do the rest.

    • God Gets The Glory! Thank you So Much Ms. Luvonia, Thank You So Very Much for all your Love and your Support! Your so very Amazing! May God Continue to Pour Blessing out Apon your Life!

    • Well God Certainly gets all the Glory! And you have an Amazing Voice to Little Sis! Continue to allow God To Use you and watch he takes you places you’ve never been Nor Seen ever Before!

    • Well Doneisha, God gets all The Glory! Thank you for all your Love and All your Support! Continue to Seek Jesus and be a great Example! Your Amazing and your destine for Greatness! Remember That!

    • You Mnow you Said Something Then Sis! Thank You For Everything! For just being a great help and support and All your Great Encouraging Words! They have helped and motivated me Through a lot! I know you haven’t said much but that’s the point, Anytime anyone says anything To me to encourage me, I take it to heart and I Keep it close to my heart! So thank you Sis!

  53. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Taurus! I am super excited about what God is doing in your life & know that eyes have not seen & ears have not heard, the great & Awesome things God has in store for you. May God continue to Bless you in your ministry!

    • God Gets The Glory Ms. Perry! I’m am just as in much Amazement as Everyone else… But that’s the point… We Serve an Amazing God! Things other can Comprehend, well Is just only God working To show how great And Mighty He really is, so thank you for your love and support and may God Continue to bless you daily!

    • Yes sir indeed it does! I have been pushing so hard. Not that i make the difference but that I deny myself for God to use me to lift him up and people be Drown unto him, because God says lift me up and I will draw all men into me. I’m just thankful I serve A God Like that!

    • Thank you Victoria, and you Stay Encouraged also sis! And thank you for your Love and all your Much Support! I’m so grateful and Thankful!

  54. Truths music is awesome!!! I met him as I prepared for a gospel explosion. Truths approach was very receiving and he seemed to be very humble… The sky is the limit and he’s on his way.. Truth stay blessed and always keep God first…. In Gods time… Be blessed!!!!

    • Ms. Kamil, thank you! I remember netting you at the Kmart and speaking with you about the Concert! You called me after listening to the “ALIVE” EP! That just made me so happy to see you and other being Encouraged through The music! God will continue to use you as well through your events! Keep Chasing that dream and Show new talent to Birmingham and the world! Thank you Again!

    • And his name is Jesus, I’m not the Standard, I’m just trying to tell these people About Hope by Preaching about the Hope Giver! Thank you Mr. Bumpus! God bless you.

  55. There are so many young people that need to be exposed to what it means to be in a real relationship with the father. Relationship is the key to intimacy with the creator.

    • There you Go Brandy! And Jesus Was the Creator who became the Creature to save Those who he created. The Bible says, He became the Curse and curseth Any Man that Hangeth On A Tree. We have to teach our young Generation of the man who became What we were contaminated with and that’s (SIN), to save us from Sin, because we should have died that death but because Jesus Was the only Fit sacrifice, he took our place and became the Lame slain before the foundation do the world! Thank you for your love and your support!

  56. God gets the Glory. And I remember Bro, I remember everything You Told me and I will Never Forget it! Thank you for always Having My Back! Your a true friend and supporter Bro! God Bkess you

  57. Hey brother- RETS here. Enjoying your EP right now.

    Keep up the good work, and remember to keep your whole being focused upon the Lord. It can get hard to do that the more known you become. When people are pulling you from all directions, it’s all the more important to make time for reading Scripture, prayer (private and corporate) and general time alone with the Savior.

    With that being said- I appreciate you, brother. May God continue to bless and keep you in all peace; may he strengthen you in the face of temptation; and may He bless you in the sight of your enemies.

    Much love.

    • I just met you yesterday after you liked my FanPage and shared one of my post! Thank You Very Much R.E.S.T! God bless you Bro! Thank you for Getting that “ALIVE” EP To fam! God totally gets the glory! And your right The Higher you go the more temptation is added and trials and tribulations come, but my focus is to Save souls and see people reach there goals! Thank you for the words of Encourgment Brother! That means a lot to me! Much love to you to fam! God bless you!

  58. I Absolutely Love This Dude, He’s Literally Living Up to His Name…He Is Just Sooooo Awesome & With This Amazing Deal He’s Gonna Continue to Do Great In Life Always Keeping God First….I Love You Truth Blessing to Be Continually Prayed Over Your Life

  59. The article helped me a lot, because I went through something similar, and I realized if you can overcome, so can I. So thank you so much for this article.

    • God Bless you Bobby! And just remember Fam, God Always Has A Plan for You! Seek him and know that Through Salvation According To Scripture, God Will Bless you and Provide all of Your Needs According to His Riches and Glory! Read ACTS 2:38!

  60. Naysayers have no power unless you give it to them so keep your focus on what you know is possible & remember, you know you have followers when you have haters & when you have haters you know you’re doing something big ?

    • It’s Amazing To See It Paying Off, Yes Indeed It Is bro! God is So Good! He Says that He will Give Us The Desires Of Our Hearts! He Has Definitely Given Me The Desires Of My Heart!

  61. Just sitting here thinking about in high school when people including our teachers would say you would never be anything and you wouldn’t/couldn’t do x,y,& z. Now I’m sitting back laughing as I’m sure you are as well. Not at the fact that you proved them wrong, but because of the fact that you exceeded anything they thought possible.

    • I have Moments Justin where I do think about that and I do sit back and Smile! One thing that my Morher Taught be before she passed was to always trust in God inspit of what other may think or say, and so that’s what I have done and God Totally gets all the glory for what I have accomplished so far!

  62. Everyone has a unique & different calling in their life. Some similar, some close, but no two are exactly the same. I believe you’ve found yours. Continue to chase yours & not someone else’s

    • I Believe I have Found My Unique And Different Calling As Well My Bro. I Believe I Found It That Exact Moment My Mother Transitioned And Passed Away. When i Made That Promise To Her, I Knew I had to Make Sure i Pursed This Calling No Matter What.

  63. Imagine life without music or purpose & how lost we would be. Now imagine life with music & purpose. Listening to your music just may be the big break or the big “Aha” moment for someone, keep at it & keep telling the truth through it. Don’t dumb it down for anybody.

    • I am definitely Believing that my friend, i have people all over from Central Africa, United Kingdom, Philippines that have supported and Loved the Movement and music so far. i don’t plan on stoping now Bro. What an Amazing point you have made! Thank you for that great words of inspiration and motivation Bro.

  64. People will expect this & that once you reach a certain level but remember, do you. Move when you’re ready & when you know the time is right. You’ll be more effective & impactful.

    • Oh that will Never Happen, I love my Supporters And all that They have Helped Me Achieve, And thank You Again As Well. God is So Great!