Beanie Sigel speaks out. The Broad Street Bully opened up about The Game and Meek Mill’s beef and the recent incident where he was punched at the “Bad Boy Family Reunion” concert.

During a two-hour-long “Tax Season” podcast episode, Beans didn’t mince words when addressing Mill. “Your fuckery is becoming transparent,” he said. “You’re in a place where ni**as is saying you misrepresenting Philadelphia.”

But things were all good less than a month ago when Beans joined Meek Mill and Omelly on their “Ooouuu” remix diss aimed at Game. According to Beans, he wrote some of those lyrics, a topic he clarified on this episode.

“I didn’t write Omelly’s first verse,” he said. “I didn’t write all of his second verse, but the majority of it. That’s facts. You ni**as is playing games, lying, saying I ain’t write that shit.”

However, after the song was released, Mac fell out with Meek. “He started rambling,” Beanie said of Mill. “Talking about how I’m broke…and he could put a bag…and I clicked. I didn’t wanna hear that. You gon’ put a bag on who? You know what? It ain’t no more rap.”

As this was happening, Beans and The Game made peace.

But Beans’ Meek feud turned violent at the “Bad Boy Family Reunion” concert where Teefy Bey — a member of Mill’s Dreamchasers crew — says he knocked Mac out.

“Boy didn’t wanna do that, man,” says Sigel. “Sometimes you just get caught up in the momentum, man. But you don’t get no props for that though, cuz. You stole me. Your big-ass put me down too. You ain’t knock me out ’cause ain’t nobody helped me up but you put me down and I seen them flashes, but it was from the blind side. You had ample opportunity in my face. We know what’s real.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Beans went on to discuss his perception of the Meek and Drake beef, pointing to Nicki Minaj as the source of it all.

“[Drake’s] a pop star,” he said. “Who cares if he not writing that shit? … It’s not taking away from your money. So what’s the real reason why you was mad at Drake? In my point of view, you was laying in the bed one night, you rolled over, and you looked at her, cuz. You asked her, ‘You fuck that ni**a?’ And she ain’t answer you in the way you wanted her to. That’s what I think. I don’t know. But that’s my P.O.V. of it and believe that’s the majority of everybody’s P.O.V. of it.”