Lies, Loyalty, & Betrayal is a gritty street classic that takes place in the mean streets of South Philadelphia. Filled with crime, drugs, murder LLB will take you on a roller coaster ride thru the streets and make you view love trust and loyalty in a whole different light.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Where do you get your ideas from?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: I get my ideas from real people, real conversations and individuals that grew up in a society where love, emotions, mercy, and weakness were frowned upon.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your writing process like?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: My writing process is actually easy. Once I get an idea for a story, I just start writing and the story comes to life as I write. Sometimes I have no idea where it is going or where a character is taking me to until I’m there.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you start out from other writers?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: What sets myself aside from other writers; I would say my personal story. I didn’t take classes, study or go to school for writing. My first book was handwritten inside of a State Penitentiary. I write with an ‘I don’t care attitude’ meaning however my story goes it just goes. The good and bad guys vary depending on what type of person the reader is.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your latest book about?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: Lies, Loyalty, & Betrayal is about three childhood friends growing up in the infamous South Philadelphia. Their luck seems to change when the older cousin of one of the friends gives them an opportunity at “The Game” that is almost impossible not to enter. Once the older cousin is killed, the Trio’s loyalty, love, and trust is put to the test. As they encounter a lot of murders and treachery that comes with the lifestyle, the Trio takes on a wild protege, Kaos, who proves his love for the three every chance he gets. Filled with love, trust, loyalty, lies, deceit and murder this book will be mentioned along with some of the greats.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What advice do you have for writers?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: I would advise other writers to just do them! Don’t follow anyone’s format, style, or lane. Write something you love and write it to the point that when the next person picks up a pen to write they’d have to think of or mention you.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: My career goals are to successfully publish 3 novels and then open up the door for others to publish their work through All or Nuffin ENT.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your writing career and how did you overcome?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: One of the hardest things I’ve had to face in my writing career was the passing of my mom, which was my #1 fan. At a time when I felt like quitting, I know that she’d want me to keep pushing and go harder. That thought alone was enough for me to overcome other obstacles or hurdles that came or may come my way.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: I’m currently working on the second part of Lies, Loyalty, & Betrayal, which is titled Lies, Loyalty, & Betrayal 2: Kaos In The City. A third book to follow that’s called Ingredients of a Gangsta.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can you fans find purchase your novels and contact you?

MCCLELLAN ST. HEEM: My fans can purchase the book on Amazon.com. Follow me on social media. Twitter: @mcclellanstheem IG: mcclellanst_heem FB: McClellanst. Heem








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  17. Biancaj_sp
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