Sergio started playing music at the early age of seven, when his mom bought him his first guitar for Christmas. He played drums on the drum line and trombone in high school, which lead him to electrical instruments as an adult. Sergio formed and originated five different bands in the Atlanta area and played live up and down the Eastern Coast, from Atlanta to Canada for over ten years. After focusing on recording and music production for the past two years, … Sergio now anticipates on releasing his first album, and performing live again! Visit sergiolovett.com

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  1. I meet Sergio, and got to spend almost a week with him. He is the real deal, talented, authentic, and just down right an amazing man. Check out his music, it is so good. Trust me, when you hear it, He (Jesus) will change you. Sergio and his tour members changed the lives of many youth in my community. Sergio, much love brother!

  2. Sergio is such a boss, one of the realist people out there. Awesome funk music, amazing person, and loves to help others. This guy sets a great example to everyone around him!

  3. after touring with Sergio for several weeks so far, and with several more to go, I think it’s safe to say that this man is extremely mysterious, but the more you discover about his story, the more impressive he becomes. Not to mention, his music is extremely catchy. Nothing but good things to say about Sergio!

  4. I have had the honor of backing Sergio up on drums while on tour with him. My family and I are so blessed by this man!! He has a heart for music and the arts. His creativity and what he accomplishes as a solo artist is awesome. His music comes from the heart and whatever word God gives him to speak to the people who listen. You are never disappointed by his work. Keep it up friend! We are so proud to call you one and to have the opportunity to play with you!

    • Thanks Jamie, for all that you’ve done to support my music, you’re absolutely awesome! I loved it when you played the drums for me, and I hope that we can do that again in the near future!

  5. This is how much I enjoy Sergio’a music. I own a Hip Hop radio show, and even though his music doesn’t really fit my format, i scheduled out some of my hourly blocks in a way that I could for him into the show. The guy is tremendous live, and pours his heart and time into creativity.

    Sergio the man is a kind hearted, old school, respect driven individual that has a personality about him that you can’t help but love. Great dude, great music.

  6. Meeting Sergio was a great experience. Not only was I introduced to a completely new and refreshing genre of music but I was able to meet a guy who knew himself as an artist and man of God. His capabilities are beyond words because not only does he play the guitar and sing but he’s also a producer, a recording engineer, the guy you want to run lights for your performance, as well as your ultimate sound guy behind the boards; Sergio Lovett is that guy!!!

    He has his name on his drums….How BOSS is that!!!

  7. Meeting Sergio was a great experience. Not only was I introduced to a completely new and refreshing genre of music but I was able to meet a guy who knew himself as an artist and man of God. His capabilities are beyond words because not only does he play the guitar and sing but he’s also a producer, a recording engineer, the guy you want to run lights for your performance, as well as your ultimate sound guy behind the boards; Sergio Lovett is that guy!!!
    You all couldn’t have picked a better artist for today and the the future….

    He has his name on his drums….How BOSS is that!!!

  8. Sergio is really cool. I met him at fathers kitchen at a concert called the extreme tour 2016. His music is beautiful and has a lot of heart and soul to it he is also a great friend I feel totally blessed that I got to be able to meet him and be able to talk to him. I still have his CD he gave to me to this day 🙂

  9. Listen, y’all better watch out for the Funkaholic! The man can not only produce and record great music—he can outperform the average entertainer on the show roster! He’s also a humble and respectable man of faith. Can’t wait for that album to drop Sergio!

    • Aaaayyee, … that’s awesome of you Black Jewelz to comment, and to hear that coming from someone as talented as yourself even makes it better. You’re one of the best rappers and performers I’ve ever heard and seen! I salute you Bruh!

  10. Sergio to me defines the humble servant. His heart for the Lord and his heart for reaching the lost stood out the most to me. These qualities show most in the passion he has for the musical talent that God has given him. Keep up the good fight, Brother.

  11. Had the privilege of meeting Sergio when he was on the West Coast Extreme Tour. Loved his simple, quiet strength that pointed all to The Truth, The Life and The Way. Add this with solid, down-to-Earth music that’s got the groove and you have a winning combination that is Sergio Lovett. – Joe Nicholson – JC Music Connection

  12. This is my brother in Christ. Sergio, whom I call Sarge, came into my life as we were both teens. We became friends as neighbors in the late 70’s. I have been witness to his love of music since he arrived from Tavares Florida. We had great times as we grew into understanding this world. I like to think we both came out ahead as we traversed the many highways and byways of this life. Looking back, it seems like yesterday as we had something that we did not realize until we became adult. That was a positive force behind us guided by our mothers. So much so that one of the first bands was named POSITIVE FORCE. Little did we know that would be a mantra for us to lean on as we progressed through life.
    Today, we still share a bond that can never be broken.
    I love this Guy.

  13. I toured with Sergio for about a month last summer on the Extreme Tour 2016. Not only did he bring an entire sound system, he brought a full backline for everyone on the tour to use as well.
    His music has a really cool blend of modern and classic sounds with a great funky feel. The songs featured an electronic hip hop sound with him playing an instrument live while singing. Whether he picked up a guitar, a bass, or walked over to the keyboard, he used that instrument to further connect his song with the audience in front of him. He was also inviting musicians from the other acts on the tour to join him on songs which made each song it’s own unique experience. On top of that, his set was getting better and better every time I saw it! He’s truly a renaissance man and a straight-up generous and compassionate person. It’s an honor to have met him and worked with him.

    • Zac you are one of the best bass players out there man, and I learned a lot from you while touring with you. Thank you so much for the awesome comment, and I hope we get a chance to perform again soon, stay blessed my brother!

  14. Sergio is a very talented, kind hearted, strong individual. Meeting him was a great experience for me and my band. Me and my buddy tj spent a good amount of time with Sergio on the tour and regret non of it, we are thankful for all the time spent and thankful for everything we learned from Sergio. Without him, we wouldn’t have had the proper equipment for the tour to run smoothly. He truly is a very composed dude and obedient to his faith!

  15. Had the pleasure of performing along side with Sergio and i must say, this man is a machine. There is no stopping Sergio from getting what is provided for him. He’s the real deal.

  16. Sergio has been putting in work for a very long time. His music is awesome! He has a very unique style that you can tell is authentic. That goes a long ways in music. You can tell his music is from the heart and very genuine. I am proud to have him as part of my family. On his recent tours I see he has touched many people. Its time for him to go to the next level. I will continue to support him and I hope the world can see his talents and get a chance to listen to his music. I pray he gain a lot of support to help him go to the next level so he can reach more people. May God be with you always Sergio!!

  17. Sergio is awesome! I love that guy and his music. I admire his heart and I know he is going to go on to do amazing things! Such a hard working guy too!

  18. Once again, Sergio hit it out of the park! His music is so raw and real, and he speak from the heart. So well played and written,

  19. Sergio is the best kind of Musician! True to his craft and humble about all the talent he has. He loves the music and the fans. We need more artists like him in the industry

  20. Sergio is a very talented guy that know what great music sounds like. It’s the type of music that good for the soul. It’s feel good music. He’s one of a kind and if his music won’t move you then Nothing will.

  21. I thank God for you! You’re true to your music. I see how you put your trust in the Lord is shows, keep your eyes on him, eyes haven’t seen nor hears haven’t heard what God has for you! I love you

  22. Wow! This is great news. I have literally watched you work 100 on your music. You have worked so HARD for this. Your dedication to music is powerful! Your music is musically yours and music to my ears. Keep up the masterpiece in music, its yours.
    May God Bless you continually.

    • Thanks Wifey, … no one knows, like you know, and yes you have literally watched me grow in music and self. I couldn’t have accomplished anything without your unselfish support! You are my drive, and the love of my life, thank you so much for supporting me!!! I love you always…

  23. Sergio’s songs are catchy in a real way, they speak truths that resonate and truly “catch on”, carried by masterful melodies and sounds. Incredible to watch him pour his whole heart and soul into every performance with quiet confidence and humility. He appears so comfortable with his craft yet gives it his all, on and off the stage.

  24. Man, I’m from Canada and I’ve had the opportunity to tour with this incredible man, he’s got such a kind heart, so much talent and no matter who you are, he is there to lift you up always. He has helped me grow in ways I’ve never knew I could. Love this man!

  25. I had the honor and privilege of touring with Sergio back in 2016. People are sleepin on my man and they need to wake up! I’m excited for the day coming soon where this guy is sellin out arenas and stadiums!

    • Wow, thanks Cameron, it was an absolute pleasure having you perform with me out there on the road. I learned a lot from you, not only musically but spiritually, you’re awesome man and I thank God for my experience with you! Love you Bruh!!

  26. You’re an awesome jazz musician. You’re awesome and GOD has blessed you to be a man of destiny! You’re not a lazy man, you are going places and doing the most with your life! Your girl or wife is such a lucky one to have someone as mild manner as you in their life! In other words, #YOUREAWESOME! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re bound to catch a star one day, because you are one! Peace out!

  27. Sergio is a awesome artist and a blessed man of God. I was allowed to share the stage and travel with Sergio on the extreme Tour last year. Apart from him being a great artist I learned a lot about him of his journey the accomplishments he has and the book he wrote. Sergio has a awesome testimony and you can hear it in his music. Sergio also showed so much brotherly love by helping me get through the tour with no worries about traveling. I had a wonderful time and am very blessed and honored to have made a friend.