Cardi B Airs Out Nicki Minaj In Extended Instagram Rant #IAAThePlug


Whewww Chile , this is a total mess! Cardi B aired out  Nicki Minaj, along with all the dirty laundry that Ms. Nicki forgot to wash, with her heated rival Instagram rant. Cardi B has finally had enough with the “Queen Radio” comments , from when Nicki took to the air the issues she and Cardi had leading up to the NYFW  party altercation.

Cardi B says, Nicki Minaj is showing the world that she is a hater, and that she has no reason to lie, being as though there was footage. She called Nicki Out for always playing the victim, and now she wants to be so tough. “You lie so much you can’t even keep up with your fucking lies,” she said.

Later, Cardi dug  into the “MotorSport” controversy once again and exposed Nicki’s claim that Travis Scott replaced 21 Savage on Rvssian, Farruko and Bad Bunny’s “Krippy Kush” because of Cardi. She even posted a direct message from Rvssian revealing 21 was only replaced because he couldn’t make the video shoot… Wow this is extremly messy i hope these ladies can figure this thing out.

-Lola Angelec

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