The Betrayal Of Motel 6 #IAAThePlug


Motel 6 To Pay $7.6 million For Giving Guest Lists To U.S. Immigration

Hispanic guest of Motel 6 has hit the jackpot but not in a good way. Lets just say Motel 6 hotel establishment went against their privacy policy by giving up confidential information on their consumers. Motel 6 provided Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) agent a guestlist of their hispanic guests. Of course Motel 6 is denying all allegations, but the kicker The Mexican American Legal Defense And Educational Fund (MALDEF) filed a lawsuit after 20 people were arrested by ICE agents. And guess how they were able to make these arrest? by using Motel 6 guestlist. This all occurred over a period of six months targeting Arizona Motel 6s locations. When you see $7.6 million you think a big pay off to the individuals who were violated. Well reports stated guest who faced immigration removal proceedings are able to receive up to $7,500. In my opinion money is not the answer. How long can $7,500 last compared to a memory that will always be implanted. Us as people work hard everyday to have some sense of privacy but no matter what people find ways to violate you. We have a government who duties are to  serve and provide for a country but people is not the importance money is. “Wake Up”

Chattie Hattie

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