Juelz Santana Proposes To Longtime Girlfriend Kimbella Vanderheeb #IAAThePlug


Well ladies and Gentlemen the time has come for Mr. Juelz Santana to get on that knee , and ask his long time girlfriend, Kimbella Vanderhee (also mother of his children) to marry him, Friday (Nov 23) at the New York City’s Apollo Theater. The Diplomats celebrated the release of their ninth studio album, Diplomatic Ties. 

In the  video clip below you will see the  magical moments captured, and when Santana asks Vanderhee to join him on the center-stage. He began his proposal by explaining to the roaring crowd that she’s been by his side for years.“This is my lady right here,” he begins. “She’s been rockin’ with me for a long, long time. She’s stuck with me through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the good times and bad times. She held a nigga down when I put her though all types of hell, all types of bullshit.

“I love you, baby. You are my queen and I wanna do this in front of everybody right here.”

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