Twilight: 20 Wild Details Behind The Making Of New Moon #IAAThePlug


With the origin stories and world building already taken care of in the first installment, sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon was free to hit the ground running and really start to establish the bigger plot and themes of the series.

Very early on in the movie, Edward Cullen– believing his presence to be a danger to Bella Swan– and his family relocate, sending Bella into a spiral of depression and also into the comforting arms of Jacob. Here is where the whole Team Edward vs Team Jacob dynamic first comes into play in a real way, thus laying down the first major source of conflict for the franchise. This is followed by the introduction of a bigger world of vampires and werewolves outside of just that core love triangle, with the movie exploring the entire cultures of both of those warring factions and even taking the events of the film international, well beyond the dreary confines of small town Forks, Washington.

In expanding the scope of the franchise, New Moon faced a lot of interesting challenges behind the scenes as well. Directors and filming locations changed, new characters joined, old actors were threatened with replacement, and a “wolf camp” was attended. The record-breaking success of the movie means that all of those challenges were not only conquered but worth the trouble, but it’s always fascinating to look at the many moving parts of a huge tent pole movie and how difficult it can be to keep those parts working together.

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-Lola Angelec

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