Rodan Battles King Ghidorah In New Godzilla 2 TV Spot #IAAThePlug


Rodan takes on the mighty King Ghidorah in a new TV spot for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Godzilla is one of the most iconic monsters in film history, but despite having a robust franchise in Japan, it took a long time for American studios to crack the character. The first real attempt was way back in 1983 when Steve Miner (Halloween H20) developed Godzilla 3D. Fred Dekker (The Predator) penned the script, but despite being extensively storyboarded every major studio passed, feeling it was too expensive and would only appeal to children.

The next attempt was in 1994 when Jan de Bont (Speed) developed a script dubbed Godzilla Vs The Gryphon, pitting the King of the Monsters against a genetically altered alien. Budget concerns would also kill this version and the movie eventually fell into the hands of director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day). While this 1998 blockbuster take on Godzilla turned a profit it was lambasted by critics, and its somewhat disappointing financial performance killed plans for a franchise. This American version of the titular monster was later dubbed Zilla by Toho – since there was nothing godly about him – and he made a cameo in 2004 Japan entry Godzilla: Final Wars, where he’s quickly defeated by the real Godzilla.

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