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T-Roc brings a new meaning to skin in the game. A passionate, dedicated artist, he leaves it all on the floor every time he performs. As a musician, he has been featured on national television several times, including appearances on The X factor and at The NWA Urban Honors in Hollywood. As a model and actor, T-Roc has been in national campaigns by Dr. Pepper, DSWxTomsMaxwell CoffeeK-Mart, Budweiser and more. Most recently T-Roc has added NBC actor to his resume.

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, T-Roc was destined for the life of an entertainer. Multi-talented from the start, he always had roles in school music and acting productions, and began studying dance at only ten years old. But life wasn’t always easy for the young artist. When his world was upturned by his parent’s divorce, T-Roc took solace in music, particularly Dance Pop and Hip-Hop. Realizing how much power music had to bring people together, he decided to dedicate himself to inspiring and uplifting people around him.

T-Roc’s talents started to truly blossom as a teenager. His dance crew, Chi Town’s Finest, was a local hit, performing at events all around Chicago. His passion for singing live was steadily growing. A starring role in a local production of Grease propelled him into Columbia College’s prestigious theatre program, where he studied acting, dance, and choreography, all while appearing in a laundry list of plays.

While still a student at Columbia, T-Roc was a member of the R&B group 4A.M. That group would go on to perform around the country, culminating with an appearance on the X-Factor. T-Roc used that group’s success to launch his own solo career, releasing his first commercial single “The Edge (Go).” His music is defined by fusions of pop, dance, hip-hop and RnB. The follow up single “Daylight” was featured on the influential pop compilation “Wanna Party!”. Teaming up with the DJ Duo Romen Jewels, “I’m The Sh!t”, has already racked up over 70,000 streams in North America.

Now connecting with major artists, his new party anthem “Red Solo Cup” ft Marko Penn is making everyone who hears it wanna drop everything and dance. T-Roc’s star is shining brighter with every new release.

No matter how much success T-Roc attains, he remains determined to stay true himself as an artist and never forget where he came from. “I create music to bring people together”, he says. “to allow people to be present in the moment of fun and excitement. That’s what music does to me.”

For more information visit: www.heytroc.com

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  1. T-Roc is such a great artist! He mixes hip-hop, rap, and pop elements in his music which makes it fire! Not only does he make great music his music videos are even better, they capture such great vibes. He really is the true definition of an artist who works hard and puts out great content. People better watch out for T-Roc cause he coming with a vengeance and before you know everyone will know his name. #rockitfan4life🙌🏼🔥❤️

  2. T-Roc is hard working and energetic.. he has the flair of many artists of the early 00’s era that is currently missing in today’s music. He is super talented .. Singing, Dancing, choreography.. to name of few. He is in my opinion what music/entertainment needs an all around artist. He puts out amazinc content as well. I honestly feel like calling him just an artist is limiting his.. to me, skies the limit with him.. If you haven’t already heard about T-Roc you need to ask somebody! The possibilities are limitless! T-Roc all day

  3. T-Roc is a dynamic talent! The industry needs what he has! I love how unapologetic he is and how authentic everything he does comes off! You are legit T-Roc! I’m excited for your future!

  4. When I think about talent, I think about T-Roc. When I think about dedication, I think about T-Roc. The passion he has for music and dance was visible from the day I first met him, exactly 16 years ago. He was made for it!

  5. This man is a man worthy of great things. His potential is astronomical and he deserves anything he gets. Consider the man Troc. His work ethic wouldn’t let you down. An architect.

  6. I was lucky enough to learn from troc and he lifts any room he enters. Im glad to see hes on the come up and getting some recognition that he deserves. His supports love to see him thrive!!!

  7. Keep inspiring the people to move how u move and chase their dreams! TROC is truly an inspiration and is a true example of committed work ethic!!

  8. Troc is an Amazing performer! His energy is contagious. He always gives his all on stage! The dancing, song choice, and even his lighting is always on point. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

  9. I met Travis while attending highschool. He came to Sullivan High School and created a family through dance. It was an amazing experience. Not only did he influence the people who decided to join our dance team
    ( Rockets 🚀) but everyone around him. Travis is some one who brings positive energy in every room he steps in. He is a real leader. Not to mention he can act, sing, and model. The man is simply amazing, and some one I truly aspire to be. Watching him on Chicago PD I was unbelievable. He is Determined for greatness!

  10. T-roc is really dope and caring. His energy is amazing and he always looks out for the people around home. He’s so genuine and I’m appreciative that I got to see him in his craft. He’s so talented and hard working… he’s really up next 🔥

  11. Yo T-Roc, great interview! You are a dope artist. I didn’t say singer, dancer, rapper, poet; I said artist, because you can do it all. Your energy is infectious, which is why people flock to you. You are destined for greatness and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! #KeepPushin 💪🏾💯

  12. A star is born! I have been experiencing this amazing talent for at least 10 years and will continue for 100 more!
    I’ve watched the greatness transform on each creative level and I’m never left disappointed. Dancing, Acting, Singing, performing- T-Roc got it all!!!!
    Love the Energy. The Vibe. The Creativity (your signature) in everything you’ve done past and present. Can’t wait to see what’s in store in the Future. ..
    Keep up your Dope’ness, it’s Contagious💙💙💙