25 Weird Things Cut From The Hunger Games Movies (That Were In...

25 Weird Things Cut From The Hunger Games Movies (That Were In The Books) #IAAThePlug


One of the most rampant complaints we hear about movies that were adapted from books is that they didn’t include parts from the pages into scenes on the screen. It is a legitimate complaint at times. Integral chapters that are missing from a movie adaptation can ruin the whole story. However, there are portions of a book that just can’t be translated into a movie. To even attempt to do so would turn the movie into a laughingstock of cinema.

The Hunger Games series does an adequate job of treading that fine line. As we can all attest to, young adult books don’t always do as well as movies, and The Hunger Games series is one of the exceptions. The movies were able to portray a lot of aspects of the books that, quite frankly, we would have thought impossible. The fashion of the Tributes during the parades, the grotesqueness of the arena monsters, and the unreasonable displays of wealth at the Capitol are all examples of how The Hunger Games film series excelled in being an adaptation.

However, a lot of things were missing from the movies, some understandable, others not so much. We remember watching these movies in theaters, watching as they progressed from good to merely okay, wincing at all the things that could have been in the films that would have made them better, but were apparently cut from the story. Read on if you want to revisit the world of Panem and recall with fondness or amusement the things that might have been on the big screen.

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