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“My goal is to inspire a generation to inspire a nation”
-Mxrc Clxrk

Mxrc Clxrk is an inspiration to a generation of free thinkers; people who challenge the norm and choose to think outside the box. In “Menace II Society”, the Miami rapper urges millennials to be creative “open your mind, be wise with your time and get this food for your soul.” Many rappers these days choose clout over any real semblance of what their life
is actually like. Mxrc Clxrk breaks the mold of copy cat lyricists, inspiring listeners to think and celebrate their best selves. Debunking the status quo is what Mxrc Clxrk is here to
do. Perfoming at South by Southwest SXSW in 2016, the rapper is Hip Hop’s hidden treasure; a treasure trove of Rap’s original artform but set to today’s beats. With influences like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Frank Ocean, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, and Pac no wonder Mxrc Clxrk has a story-telling style delivering a strong message on classic Hip
Hop beats. Graduating college in 2013, Mxrc Clxrk just knew inspiring the next generation of rappers was his true calling. Joining many breakout rappers like XXXTentacion, Lil Skies, and the late Lil Peep, Soundcloud became a major force in today’s new Hip Hop. Out of nowhere, rappers burst onto the scene from Soundcloud scoring big on iTunes, Billboard and Spotify. Mxrc Clxrk along with others dealt more mainstream artists a huge blow redefining the rules in Hip Hop as well as Battle Rap.

The Florida native is a perfect blend of Drake’s singing style and J.Cole’s rhyming skills. With songs like “Lost at Sea”, “Come Back to Me”, and “Broken Heart vs. Guarded Heart”, Mxrc Clxrk is Hip Hop’s next crooner.The Florida crooner wants fans to choose what is hot and not industry tastemakers. Mxrc Clxrk feels that there are no rules when it comes to enjoying music. Pushing the envelope may just make Hip Hop greater and Mxrc Clxrk is here for it. The rapper ties in that classic Hip Hop’s rhyming style with a new R&B flow like singer Khalid. Mxrc Clxrk is Rap’s “zero calorie” guilty pleasure, all of the good bars without any of the violence.

Watch your step Drake, Mxrc  Clxrk may just be “God’s Plan” for Hip Hop’s new age. Attracting a female audience while appealing to younger males is what Mxrc Clxrk does which is a force to be reckoned with.Throw on some Mxrc Clxrk while driving for a smooth ride. Enjoy the Mxrc Clxrk experience whenever relaxing and unwinding from a hectic day. Feel free to be yourself with Mxrc Clxrk, no need for pretention, gimmicks, or drama. What you see is what you get with the Miami resident and that is an honest performance. In a world so chaotic, Mxrc Clxrk stands apart inspiring others to accept their flaws while feeling good speaking their mind.


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