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  1. Wassup it’s yours truly, Elijah Røyal! Make sure to connect with me by following me on Instagram: @iamelijahroyal
    You can find me on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud by typing in Elijah Røyal! Your support is greatly appreciated! “Get On Bored: The Next Chapter” June 2019.

  2. This is dope! Everything you said was great! It’s true tho, people clout chase like crazy. But good shit! Keep it up

  3. Boii your official, You’ve made it far… Everything that you’ve set your mind to you’ve accomplished. I cant wait rill that Ep drops. Update me❤🔥💯

  4. Elijah and I used to go to school together. He’s been such an inspiration for me for a long time. I’m so glad my son is getting the attention and stuff he deserves. Keep up the good work Elijah!

  5. I loved how informative you were when you were asked those questions about what makes you different from other artists and how you want to bring something different and organic to the music industry instead repeating what other artist have already accomplished I think you’re gonna be an amazing artist for the rap game and I don’t have to think it cus I know just by rocking with you these past three years that you have what it takes to be the next superstar and I’m ready for your moment of fame cus I’m here to support it❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️💯💯💪

  6. Nice!
    Stay On Your Grind Son… I See Your Hard Work Is Paying Off. It Has Not Gone Unnoticed…
    Im Proud Of You Elijah… Peace and God’s Blessings.

  7. Wow you are such an inspiration we need more people like this and you just wow making music is such a hard thing and I hope you make it far 💜 keep doing you and keep grinding you got this 💜

  8. Seems like a fun and geniuine soul. Great song writter can’t wait to see what the future has In store for him and his career. I see you & so will many others just keep doing what you doing don’t let anyone or nothing stand in the way of you achieving your dreams !

  9. Great ass interview! It’s great seeing young artist wit talent with a good motive & story showing it to other. He’s gonna blow up & I can’t wait to listen to more of his music

  10. Considering the fact you got mad I didn’t watch your video right away and threatened to delete me I’ll just say no I don’t support you. You build a rep without childish comments to get attention

  11. I love working with you! Didn’t know you made music until now! You have a great spirt! It must feel good getting recognition for your work. I hope your EP does great!

  12. Push for it don’t let anything stop you from chasing your dreams. Reach for whatever you believe in. Only way to go is up!!

  13. My God has time gone by! I am so proud of you Elijah & I am more proud to call you my son. Keep pushing your pen & all your dreams are going to come true! I can’t wait for you to accomplish all your dreams!

  14. I haven’t known you for very long Elijah. However I do remember you asking me to use my car for your first show. Now your working with an agency to help build you. Stay focused! Who knows we’re youll be in 5 years time!

  15. Intrigued to see how far you come, I gave some of your music a listen. My advice would be to work on finding someone to produce better beats for you, and work on your flow while spitting, and always keep writing.

    Keep writing and work on your flow and spitting and you’ll be great. Always try to find a different way to improve yourself every day!

  16. Interview is great! But have more of a conversation with interviews not just a question and answer. You seemed nervous lol just relax because when you’re just talking it allows you to seem engaged and passionate in a smooth way.

  17. Interview was awesome. Your going to do great things with your music. Continue to strive for excellence. Congratulations b love it.