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Talee Montana is the hottest new talent rising out of New Jersey. Overall, he has a vibe that is enticing. The energy in his music is genuine and the authenticity of his sound will shine through the onslaught of saturated music. The general sound is defiant and modern, fitting the back-to-basics spirit of a true creative artist!

Instagram: @talee.montana

Twitter: @taleemontana

 Talee Montana – “Melrose” (Available on all platforms) 


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  1. You definitely jus Inspired me bra bra just know the patience and the grind you put into ya career, motivates me,keep goin up bro

  2. Hi im Bof Squad Exstendo and i like what your doing fam… Keep up the great work and you just got 1 more fan. I can see you up there with the greatest … Keep pushing and keep working … Everything pays off in due time.. And your time is near… Believe

    • Up there with the greatest is the goal. Ima never stop till that time come and keep going after that. I appreciate the love!!

  3. Talee got a lane of his own.first underground artist i followed when i joined Instagram.His flow is universal and cant be compared to any artist i heard.????

  4. Talee is the type of man you put all your motivation into. you recognize a star when you see one and he is showing every reason To fucks with him don’t sleep ??

  5. I remember when I met Talee in jersey I knew right away !! This kid got talent, flow, style, lyrics, and he’s humble as ever! One of my top 5 favorite out of New Jersey! TALEE UP NEXT ???

  6. Talee Montana is definitely someone to keep watching n listening too, u can see and hear the hunger in Lil bro all them lazy niggaz better watch out, he ain’t playin around…. #Jersey

  7. Hottest rapper coming out of jersey if you ain’t bumping his music tap in & tell a friend & make sure your ppls tell a friend talee coming with straight heatt ??

  8. A young ARTIST with multiple styles. One of the toughest new rappers I’ve heard in a long time, especially coming out NJ. Hoping he continues to grow as well as produce high quality music.

  9. One of the hardest working kids i know who’s continuing to drop banger after banger and easily the hottest coming out of jersey hands down, keep grinding fam ??

  10. This man Lee special. He has such talent and flow. The workings to be one of the best. Only great things to come so stay tuned… he’s got NJ on his back ?? Keep grinding boss

  11. Talee putting on for jersey!! It’s only right everyone shows him love, Support ya own ppl he’s going crazy right now!! Super dope and talented artist ??

  12. Definitely what Jerseys been missin! Not just the lyrics and beats but the swag and attitude…not to mention the grind! Total package! Sorry for whoever’s sleepin on him ??????

  13. first off Talee is my brother. He has been giving his all to this rap game trying to make it. he has been putting out as much talent and hardwork as he can. he is a very smart and very cool and friendly person. He is probably the best rapper I know outside of signed major rappers. Talee needs more press people do not know how good he is. listen to his music his lyrics have substance you can sing along to it. you can understand it. he is a rising star show him love thats my family

  14. Can’t ignore real talent.. Talee got that creative vibe most gravitate to.. ?? Authentic style and bars is just what the game need.. ?


  16. Shout out to bro for really rappin and not falling to the BS. Bro bringing heat and keeping Jersey in the mix. He don’t got next fr bro got NOW

  17. Bro will be the best from 908 within the next 5 years…it’s not easy to find someone who’s as passionate and genuine as he is. Promise that.

  18. Talee!!! Facts. One of the realist out of
    underground rap keeping the art alive ??? You got a style like no other, keep blessing the world with your music, let em have it ?????

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