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“Throw me to the wolves. I’ll come back leading the pack”






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  1. You impressed me from the jump, I hope over the years I can do the same. Let’s do this shit, so many people from Green Bay bout to blow up I swear to god

  2. never thought one of my friends could be so talented when it comes to music. I look forward to hearing each new song as soon as it’s released; they’re always amazing.

  3. I worked with him on some music and I’ve been listening to his work for a while. This guy has TALENT and not to mention a HUGE heart for everyone! Nicest and most ambitious person I’ve met!! HE’S GOING PLACES!!! Mark my words!

  4. My boy Garrett is going to be up to one day. He knows how to make any beat work with whatever lyrics he’s got. Don’t sleep on him🔥

  5. Garrett, I’m so pumped to see this hard work playin off! Especially with the talent you possess, your personality and impact is gonna be something special! I’ll be staying tuned.

  6. Yo I can’t believe just a few years back I was working with such a hidden talent at McDonald’s, then bro comes to sell knives to my mom as an entrepreneur, next thing you know he came up even further and is still on the rise 💯💪🏼 Nobody got nothing on you bro I love to witness the grind. Glad to know you frfr you’re a very inspiring dude and just as great a person bro keep it up 🙏🏼

  7. Known Garrett since 8th grade even then I knew he has so much potential. His sound is so unique & he’s always been so motivated to make an name for himself & without a doubt he’s doing just that. Much love ❤️ hope to see you make it big Gwoob

  8. Known Garrett for 2 years know and I’ve never meet someone more dedicated to getting better and wanting to make good music. #committed

  9. Brother has style and quality. Can preform whatever kind of music style and genre and he’ll do it well. He’s going places, don’t sleep on this man.

  10. Garrett has always been known to stay true to his word and follow his dream no matter what obstacles come his way!! Keep going, you got this🔥

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