Independent Artists Promotions

The internet has dramatically changed the way we all listen to and learn about music.  New technologies present a range of opportunities in advertising, ticket sales, dissemination of information about musical performances, and, of course, the distribution and consumption of music itself. We help our clients create an independent artist promotions plan of action. Having an effective web site and internet strategy is no longer a luxury but is a necessary part of a marketing and public relations campaign. We evaluate and recommends improvements to existing artists promotion plans  to suit a client’s specific needs, as well as helping to improve materials and tools already in use. It recommends and develops marketing strategies in all print, broadcast and online media, as well as helping to craft more localized grassroots campaigns.Industry All Access identifies, evaluates and recommends the most important and effective independent artists promotion strategies and tools to meet each client’s specific goals and requirements.

  • Spearheading the direction of a project to execute the artist’s ultimate potential.
  • Consulting with marketing, promotion, the artist and their management to choose one or more singles to help promote the record and developing a grass root plan of action.
  • Leveraging a vast network of industry contacts and experience to ensure the artist’s vision is understood, maintained, and supported through the creation of an Ep/Lp/Single/Mixtape/or album.
  • Suggesting and implementing online advertising and overseeing the production and creative for this advertising.
  • Pitching partnership opportunities with various social media platforms and online outlets.
  • Overhauling clients’ websites (and social platforms) to more efficiently get casual visitors into their marketing funnel and to more efficiently convert existing fans visiting their sites into paying customers.


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